It Couldnt Be But It Was So

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The film is based on the memories of prisoners of the Minsk ghetto, using newsreels and staged filming. Part 1. General view of Minsk, the monument "Pit"; an elderly person approaches a monument, falls on the steps (staged); newsreels: A. Hitler's speech; a German soldier sees a film footage of the destroyed Minsk, a general view of the destruction in the city, a panorama of the burning building of the railway station; people of Jewish nationality listen to the German officer, walk and ride with things to the ghetto, a German soldier checks documents, a column of people is moving, the ghetto gates are closed; people in the ghetto sew six-pointed stars to their clothes, receive shovels, remove garbage, dig the ground, German soldiers shake vegetables out of the bosom of children, vegetables fall on the pavement at their feet, children cry; children are asking for alms on the street, a column of people is passing by, a crazy woman with a baby in her arms, there is a queue for food, people are getting food, they are sitting at the wall of a house, a corpse is lying on the pavement, two men are lifting a human corpse, putting it on a cart, carts with corpses dead people are taken to the ditch, lowered into the ditch, buried, people stand by the ditch and observe; a woman sews, an emaciated child sits next to her, a girl gets out of bed, a kind of a sick child; German soldiers drive people out of houses, a crowd of people in the square, German soldiers drive a convoy of people under escort. Newsreel footage: German soldiers check documents, search people, take away things, put them in trucks, shoot, general view of those killed in the ditch, German soldiers are digging a ditch; German soldiers are driving a convoy of people to the station, driving people into carriages, closing them. An elderly man lies on a bed in a hospital ward, a nurse gives him an IV.
A. Voynich
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the great patriotic war
, cities
, medical services for the population
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A. Kazazaev
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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