It Happened in Chile

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A film about the earthquake in Chile that occurred on May 21, 1960. South of Chile. Chiloe Island. The cities of Valdivia, Castro, Ancud, affected by the earthquake. Destroyed residential and public buildings. Destroyed seaport, metallurgical plant. Residents of cities and towns, left homeless. Evacuation of residents by air. Storm in the Pacific Ocean caused by an earthquake. Flood. Flooded settlements. Landing and unloading of a Soviet plane, which brought clothes and food. Meeting of the members of the delegation of the Soviet Union who arrived to help the victims. Distribution of clothing and food. Restoration work. Landscapes of Chile. City of Santiago. The building and auditoriums of the Chilean-Soviet Institute of Culture. Russian language lesson. Residents of the city on the streets, boulevards, in the park. Road transport movement. Shoe shiners. One of the settlements (village). Cattle drivers drive the herd on horseback. The peasant plows the land with a plow. Grain threshing. Hay making. The potter makes jugs from clay. Family at evening tea. Men play guitar, accordion, sing. Young man and woman are dancing. The boy and the girl exchange a kiss. Chronicle. Volcano crater. Eruption. A crack in the ground, on the pavements. The house is crumbling. People are running.
V. Eshurin
Film ID
economic communications
, leisure
, cultural connections
, livestock
, natural disasters
, settlements
, landscapes
, handicraft industry
, cities
, air transport
, plant growing
, home life
Number of Parts
V. Eshurin
Other Creators
announcer L. Cloud
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Has Sound

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