IV Moscow International Film Festival

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Opening ceremony of the film festival at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Chairman of the jury for feature films - S. A. Gerasimov, for short films - RL Carmen. Jury members: M. Vladi, K. Yarmatov, Raj Kapoor, Jack Lemlon, G. Kozintsev and others. Representation of delegations of filmmakers from Yugoslavia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Great Britain, Georgia, USA, Austria, France, Mongolia, Italy; the crew of the film "War and Peace" (I. Skobtseva, A. Vertinskaya, L. Savelyeva, V. Tikhonov, S. Bondarchuk), the crew of the film "Two" (M. Bogin, V. Smirnitsky, V. Fedorova). Film festival participants: Sandra Milo, Jacqueline Sassar, Sophia Loren, M. Antonioni (Italy); E. Skuzewski, A. Chepelevska, E. Krzyzewska, Jerzy Hoffman (Poland); M. Vladi, R. Hossein, Marie-France Pisier, Yves Champy (France); A. Larioniva, O. Tabakov, M. Kazakov, L. Smirnova, T. Makarova, B. Andreev and others (Russia). S. A. Gerasimov presents the prizes of the film festival to V.N.Surin and L. Savelyeva, Zoltan Fabri (Hungary), Jiri Sekvens (Czechoslovakia), V. Dzurlini (Italy), Yves Champi (France), S. Zakariadze (Georgia), Jerzy Hoffman (Poland), Sophia Loren. R. Carmen presents the Golden Prize to the creators of the film "Two" (Russia). Special prizes are awarded by: V. E. Baskakov, L. Kulidzhanov. Conversations of the participants of the film festival on the sidelines. Reception of participants and guests of the film festival in the St. George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace. Cultural program for the participants and guests of the film festival: boat trips along the Moscow, visiting the cruiser "Aurora", Petrodvorets in Leningrad, pioneer camp, confectionery "Rot Front" in Moscow.
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А. Havchin, G. Монгловская
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