Izium Bridgehead South of Raisin

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The last shooting before the death of the cameraman Rodnichenko. Southwestern Front, July, 1943 1 cor. The commander of the 6th Rifle Corps, Commander of the Order of Suvorov, Major General I.P. Alferov, who directs military operations at the Izyum bridgehead, with the corps headquarters at the command post by the map spread out on the table. IP Alferov talks with the staff of the headquarters, talking on the phone. One of the colonels present makes a note in a notebook. Panorama along the Seversky Donets River. General view of landscapes on the line of defense of the Izyum bridgehead: forests, meadows, hills (filmed including from the top point). Soldiers of the 174th Regiment of the 57th Infantry Division are digging a trench on the defense line northwest of Izyum. General view of the front edge of the bridgehead defense. Soldiers in a trench during a short respite between battles. One of the soldiers at the anti-tank rifle. An artillery crew of a 76-mm anti-tank gun from the battery of the 174th Infantry Regiment under the command of a former Donbass miner Shakhotko in a field among sunflowers. The battery gun [Shakhotko] is firing, the commander gives the command "Fire!" Another of the battery's guns is preparing to fire, the gunners are bringing shells. General view of a battery of 122 mm guns under the command of Senior Lieutenant Savchenko in the garden against the backdrop of ruined houses and flowering acacia. Artillerymen reveal guns disguised with branches. The guns are firing. The crossing of the Seversky Donets on the bridgehead south of Izyum: the soldiers flee from the steep bank to the river, wade across the river. A group of fighters led by the commander are crossing the river in a boat disguised with branches, going on the attack, climbing a hill, throwing grenades, running along the street of one of the villages located in the area of the Izyum bridgehead. Explosions from artillery strikes. Subdivisions of the 57th Infantry Division are walking along Izyum Street. View of destroyed houses. A 122 mm artillery gun fires against the background of a destroyed building. Panorama of the city of Izyum (filmed from the top point). The gunners of the howitzer battery under the command of Senior Lieutenant Savchenko remove the branches that masked the gun from one of the 122 mm guns. Soldiers-artillerymen bring shells to the gun, the gun fires. General view of anti-tank bullets on one of the streets of Izyum. Destroyed houses in the city. Two soldiers are patrolling the city street (filmed from the top point). Soldiers of one of the divisions of the 57th Infantry Division, run out of a dilapidated house standing in the garden, run through the garden, climb a hillock, run along the city street past the destroyed building (everything is in smoke from a direct hit of artillery). Two fighters, one of whom is Kazakh [Akhmed Tatunbaev] with a light machine gun. 2 box General view of the Seversky Donets River, a bridge across the river. Explosions on the river from enemy artillery strikes on the bridge. Carts are passing along the bridge, people are passing by. View of the town of Izium. The soldiers unload the delivered shells from the cart, put them in the boat to be sent to the front edge. A boat with shells goes down the river to the opposite bank. Soldiers are loaded into a boat, crossed the river, landed under enemy shots, and run. General view of the ruins of a house, a bridge over the river. Residents - a man and a woman on the ruins of a house. The man disassembles the wreckage of the house, finds among them a bird cage, a headboard from the bed. A panorama of the destroyed houses in Izum as a result of the German air raid and the shelling of the city by enemy artillery. The destroyed building "Buffet-dining room" of the confectioners' artel. Interior view of a room in a dilapidated building: a swinging light bulb from the ceiling, books and a photograph on the table. Icon of the Savior on the ruins of the house. Evacuation of the population from the front line. Column of carts and local people on the road. People are driving cattle along the road. A group of women is walking along the road for cows. Cows carry carts with household belongings, with small children. The boy chases the bull along the road. View of white huts under thatched roofs in a village by the road along which a column of refugees is walking. Signpost by the road with the names of the settlements "BOROVAYA", "PODLIMAN". Ahead of the column of refugees is the former miner Pyotr Gavrilovich Dudko with his daughters, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. An armored car is passing along the road in the opposite direction. Two women are driving a cart with things along one of the streets of the town of Izyum, children are walking nearby. The boy carries a lamb in his arms. Visit to the head of the British military mission, General J. Martel, and the accompanying persons of the 57th Guards Rifle Division under the command of Major General Andrei Pavlovich Karnov at the Izyum bridgehead of the Southwestern Front. General J. Martel talks with an interpreter, accompanied by the command of the division in one of the defense sectors. Among those accompanying J. Martel, Lieutenant Colonel Hugo (in a beret), Colonel Exam, [the commander of the 57th division A.P. Karnov, the commander of the 6th Guards Rifle Corps I.P. Alferov], chiefs of staff, commanders of divisions and corps. Members of the British military mission talk with officers, pose in front of a movie camera, get into a car. The cars are leaving. The artillerymen are firing at enemy positions. Soldiers make their way across the field, hiding among the sunflowers. An artillery convoy moves along the road, ford across the river. 3 box Local fighting south of the town of Izium. An artillery battery of 122 mm howitzer guns fires at the enemy's position. The gunners - carriers of the shells, fold the shells, the gunner at one of the guns, the gunners, stripped to the waist, fire. Smoke from shell explosions. The platoon commander of the artillery regiment Lieutenant Shmushkin at the telephone. 76 mm guns are firing at the enemy. Clouds of smoke. General view of a 120 mm mortar battery [commanded by Tsymbaev]. The soldiers of the 174th Infantry Regiment under the command of Major Bozhenin are consolidated in positions recaptured from the enemy, digging a trench. The command of the 174th Rifle Regiment, led by Major Bozhenin, is on the front line, conducting surveillance. Among those present is the chief of staff of the guard regiment, senior lieutenant Syryts (Syrets?). Soldiers on the banks of the river are preparing watercraft for crossing the river, sit in a boat. A unit of fighters is ferried naked across the river with ammunition and things that they carry on their hands. One of the soldiers on the shore checks a wet watch, smiles (close-up). Another of the fighters is trying to drag two resisting dogs into the river. The soldiers disembark from the raft to the shore, climb the high shore, overgrown with trees. Horsemen gallop across the field, followed by other horsemen carrying an artillery piece. Soldiers of the sapper unit are building a raft to cross the river. Close-up of one of the commanders. Troops are marching through the settlement. View of destroyed houses, defense lines at the Izyum bridgehead.
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the great patriotic war
, great britain
, allied troops
, second world war: usa
803,7 (общ. 935,4)
G.E. Rodnichenko
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