Japanese in Moscow

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Moscow. The streets of the town. Sheremetyevo. The plane is landing. Guests from Japan go down the ladder. VDNKh. Japanese tourists in the Space Pavilion. Ostankino Tower. Inspection of the sights of the Moscow Kremlin by Japanese tourists. House of Friendship. A ceremonial meeting dedicated to the 12th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between the USSR and Japan. Visiting the guests of the Ordzhonikidze machine-tool plant. Kutuzov Avenue. Classes in the classroom of the Japanese school. Peoples' Friendship University named after P. Lumumba. Japanese and Soviet students in the classroom. Hotel Ukraine. Japanese business people are passing by. The emblem of a Japanese company. Japanese company premises. Ministry of Foreign Trade. At the negotiating table, Japanese and Soviet representatives. Japanese Exhibition. Soviet representatives are taking samples. Beach in Serebryany Bor. Mr. Sinazani with colleagues on the beach. Mr. Higuchi is in a hotel room writing a letter. Morning Moscow. Watering machines on Gorky Street, Kalinin Avenue. Changing of the guard at the Lenin Mausoleum. Swimming pool "Moscow". S. Akira, who remained in the USSR after the war, swims in the pool, in the building of the radio committee. Broadcast on the Moscow radio. Seita's family at home. Hall of the library of foreign literature. Theater named after Mayakovsky. Scene from the play based on the play by Okada Ioshiko (photo). A still from the movie "10,000 Boys". The main role is Okada. Okada with her husband at home, in the Tretyakov Gallery. Japanese variety show on tour in Moscow. Japanese artists are singing (synchronously in Russian). Opening of the exhibition "Ikebana" by Professor T. Sofu at the Pushkin Museum. The professor gives an explanation. Club for the study of art "Ikebana" in Moscow. Making bouquets. The professor presents diplomas, demonstrates his art. Tesigahara meeting with Minister of Culture E. Furtseva. Sato Iono, studying in Moscow with Professor L. Kogan, gives an interview, receives a diploma for the third place in the Tchaikovsky Competition in 1966, plays the violin. H. Nagata speaks at the Moscow Festival of Youth and Students, in the courtyard of the hospital during treatment in Moscow. Tadaki, who was born in Moscow, with his friend, at school, while vacationing at the Artek pioneer camp. Rally in Artek, dedicated to the day of Hiroshima. Hisako Nagata speaking.
T. Kawasaki
Film ID
economic communications
, leisure
, out-of-school education
, international youth movement
, cultural connections
, exhibitions
, everyday life
, international tourism
, a family
, machine tool industry
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
assistant director S. Ryabova
Release Date
Has Sound

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