Japanese Species Chronicle

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Part I. Japan. Arashiyama (7 miles from Kyoto). Cherry blossoms. The bridge over the river, the audience is walking across the bridge. Japanese girls for a walk, sailing in boats with branches of blossoming sakura. The landscape of the mountains. Excursion to a picturesque place in the mountains. Funicular. The landscape of the valley, settlements (filmed from the top point). Buildings of ancient temples and palaces. The park. The audience in the park. Hotel building in Nara. Mount Hirosaki. Girls dance under the blossoming sakura, girls lead a round dance. Part III. Kyoto city. Railway station building. Station Square. Train movement. Passengers on the platform, get out of the cars and head to the station building. Porters. Streets, buildings of the city. The movement of cars and cyclists. Building and territory of the hotel. Cherry Blossom Festival in Mirayama Park. Palace and park ensemble. Residents of the city with children visiting the monuments of history and architecture. Electrified railway in the mountains. Electric train movement. Foreign tourists in the park, walking along the river bank. Mountain river. Japanese girls play hide and seek. Japanese girls perform the "Four Seasons in Kyoto" folk dance. Part IV. Yukogama seaport. Ocean steamer at the pier. Foreign tourists go down the ladder. Railroad station. Tourists get on the train, stroll along the platform. The conductor checks the tickets. Tokyo city. Railway station building. The architectural complex of the imperial palace. Monument to Nanko. The park. There is a fountain in the park, the audience is walking, the children are feeding the ducks. Building and grounds of the hotel "Imperial". Kabuki theater building. The movement of cars, trams, cyclists. The audience on the streets of the city. Shop windows. Tourists visiting the sights of Tokyo, the Buddha statue in Kamakura, drinking tea in the fresh air, buying souvenirs. Landscapes of the sea, the island of Inoshima. Boat at sea. Part V. The movement of the ship at sea. Types of Tokyo. The buildings of the railway station, the Kabuki theater, the Imperial hotel. Imperial Palace. Summer cafe. Tourists in a tram car. Foreign tourists visiting the mausoleum, a landscape with a waterfall, a lake, a locomotive plant, dine on the shore of the lake. State flags of the USA and Japan on the building in the national Japanese style. Cars with members of the US delegation are arriving. Members of the delegation visiting the landscapes of Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi. Shizuoka Japanese restaurant. Lakeside tables. Members of the delegation are waiting for lunch. Tea ceremony. The delegates walk, accompanied by geisha. Collection of tea at the plantation in Makinohara. The members of the delegation are leaving in a train carriage, waving handkerchiefs. Palace and park in Nara. Temple of the Sindaites. The Todaiji Temple is 752 years old. Hotel "Nara". Kyoto city. Palace. Kinkakuji and Kiomizu Temples. Landscapes of Arashiyama. Types of Osaka. Landscapes of the island of Miaziyama. Part VI. Tokyo city (day and evening shooting). The movement of railway trains, trams, buses, cars. Railway station, passengers. The policeman makes a round of the territory in the evening. A utility worker washes the sidewalks. Lanterns are on. Illuminated tram movement. Bridges. Buildings of modern and ancient architecture. Boats, boats, yachts at the pier of the fishing port. Unloading the catch. Market. Residents of one of the high-rise modern buildings on the balconies early in the morning. The men are going to work. The wife escorts her husband to the service, mothers escort their children to school. Employees of institutions mark passes when they come to work, take jobs. Employees of firms at work. Schoolchildren and students in the classroom.
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