Joseph Martin

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Moscow city. The building and premises of one of the archives. Report on the expedition to Central Asia by the French traveler J. Martin. France. Vienne city. Street named after J. Martin, memorial plaque. City views. The building of the geological school. World map in French. Documents on awarding J. Martin the Order of St. Stanislav for his participation in the Russian-Turkish War of 1877-78. Combined surveys: maps-schemes of routes of J. Martin's expeditions, photographs, diaries, notebooks, minutes of meetings of the Natural Science Society, documents on awarding J. Martin the Order of St. Anne. Telegram about the death of J. Martin. Grave and monument to J. Martin at the cemetery in Fergana. Landscapes of Siberia. Taiga. Washing gold sand by hand. Imploding works. Squirrels, roe deer in the taiga. Pack deer with riders move through the taiga. Winter shooting of the taiga and the movement of the reindeer caravan. Lake Martin. Camp of geologists. Panorama of the Fergana Valley. Cemetery in Fergana. The movement of a helicopter over the taiga, a locomotive on the railway.
V. Shneiderov
Film ID
scientific connections
, science
, archival studies
, railway transport
, animal world
, cartage
, landscapes
, territory
, cities
, mining (extractive) industry
, air transport
, awards
, geography
Number of Parts
M. Zaplatin, Y. Aldokhin
Other Creators
music V. Smirnov, sound engineer V. Kutuzov, editor K. Guseva, artist E. Tchaikovsky, script M. Basov, G. Golubev
Release Date
Has Sound

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