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Honoring at the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR the conductor of the theater of the People's Artist of the USSR YF Fayer in connection with the 50th anniversary of his creative activity and 40th anniversary of work at the Bolshoi Theater. On the stage of the Bolshoi Theater: V. Krieger, A. Messerer, M. Gabovich, M. Plisetskaya, R. Struchkova, Yu. Zhdanov and others. Yu. F. Fayer walks arm in arm with GS Ulanova and OV Lepeshinskaya. The welcoming address is read out by the chief conductor of the theater A. Sh. Melik-Pashayev. The hero of the day is greeted by: V. Ryndin, A. Baturin, V. A. Davydova, M. D. Mikhailov, I. S. Kozlovsky, I. Maslennikov, I. Petrov, M. I. Tsarev, E. D. Turchaninova, B A. Babochkin, A. M. Komissarov, I. S. Nabatov; composers: R. M. Glier, T. N. Khrennikov, M. A. Ashrafi; conductors of the Bolshoi Theater - K. Kondrashin, B.E. Khaikin, V.V. Nebolsin; theatrical greetings with the participation of: the Bolshoi Theater Choreographic School, the Bolshoi Ballet Company; the delegation of the Central House of Artists consisting of O. Lepeshinskaya, L. Utesov, E. Kio, R. Plyatt, V. Dulova, G. Timoshenko, E. Berezin. YF Fayer comes out to the sound of fanfare and conducts the overture to Glazunov's ballet "Raymonda". Yu. F. Fayer speaks in return.
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, theatre
, art
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L. Mikhailov, A. Khavchin, I. Belyakov
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