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A film about the creation of a new model of film distribution in the USSR during perestroika. Part I. The country's cinemas advertise films from foreign countries; closed ticket offices. On the streets of the city of Podolsk near Moscow, there are many posters of the festival of Soviet films, not bought by distributors. At the opening of the festival, film director S.A. Soloviev, theater and film actor A.G. Abdulov. General Director of the Podmoskovye leisure center M.G. Rudinstein, S.A. Soloviev, film critic I.M. Shilova and others. Director of the Lepse House of Culture in Podolsk V.I. Guskova talks about selling tickets for festival films. Part II. Chairman of the All-Union Association of Film and Video Distribution Workers (ASKIN USSR) I.S. Tagi-Zade tells (sinhr.) Why and why such an organization was created. At the "Round Table" of the festival of unbought films, the problems of filmmaking and film distribution are discussed: the head of the department of culture and public education A.N. Medvedev (sinhr.), Film director A.S. Smirnov, film critic I.M. Shilova, Director of the Research Institute of Culture K.E. Razlogov (sinhr.), Film critic N. Ya. Venzher. Director of the House of Culture of the Ordzhonikidze Plant V.I. Sapozhnikova tells (sinhr.) About the attendance of the films of the festival in Podolsk. Part III. Film director, one of the leaders of the Union of Cinematographers A.S. Smirnov (sinhr.), A.N. Medvedev (sinhr.), Film critic G.A. Kapralov and others. The discussion of the organizing committee is attended by M.G. Rudinstein (sinhr.), A.N. Medvedev, I.M. Shilova, film critic M. Gurevich, photojournalist G.V. Kmit, K.E. Razlogov (sinhr.), Film critic N. Ya. Venzher. Before the presentation of the awards, the chairman of the jury, E.S. Bokshitskaya; the prizes are presented by film critic T.V. Khloplyankina - to film director G.A. Beglov, journalist B.V. Pinsky to film director K.S. Dolidze. Among the spectators is the art critic V.G. Kisunko, journalist A. Silikashvili, screenwriter A.P. Timofeevsky. In Leningrad, from May 27 to July 31, the VII All-Union Film Market is being held, at which the first auction for the sale of films is held. It is hosted by TV journalist K.V. Nabutov. Chairman of the All-Union Association of Film and Video Distribution Workers (ASKIN USSR) I.S. Tagi-Zade acts (sinhr.) From the stage of the cinema center "Leningrad". Part IV. The results of the VII All-Union Film Market held in Leningrad are summed up. The leaders of the creative association "Pyramid" Sergey Ekcentrik and Alexander Kuranchik tell about their impressions (sinhr.). Ismail Tagi-Zade talks (sinhr.) About ticket pricing and the development of film distribution in the country. Representatives of the cities of Sverdlovsk and Cherkassy talk about insufficient financing of the regions.
G. Samsonov
Film ID
, cinemas
, beautification
, club type institutions
, cities
Number of Parts
V. Kalashnikov
Other Creators
S. Shukhman, S. Timoshenko, E. Kamenkovich, A. Vorsinov, A. Pitirimov, T. Klimovich, I. Shumeiko, screenplay G. Samsonov
Release Date
Has Sound

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