Jungs Light

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The film tells about lighting designer Igor Yung. Part 1. I. Jung and his son for a walk in the woods. I. Jung on stage at work. Installation of lighting equipment on the stage. Lighting effects on the stage. I. Jung at home talks about his work (synchronously). A fragment of the performance of the singer V. Presnyakov (synchronously). I.Yunge attends the boarding school where he studied, talks with teachers. Pupils of the boarding school cleaning the territory. I. Junge with his son in the park near the anti-aircraft gun and on the steam locomotive. I.Yunge stands on the platform of the Saki railway station. 2nd part. I. Jung discusses the lighting design of the stage with pop singers F. Kirkorov, A.B. Pugacheva, O. Gazmanov, V. Presnyakov. Light effects during the speech of V. Presnyakov. I. Jung at the console gives assignments to the illuminators (synchronously). I. Jung talks about the importance of his work (synchronously). Performance of artists in costumes of fairy-tale characters on the street stage. Parents with children are watching a street play. I. Jung at home cooking eggs, resting. I. Jung is walking along the seashore. Tidal bore.
I. Zhukovskaya
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public leisure and recreation facilities
, home life
, leisure
, festivities
, music
, stage
, railway transport
, institutions for homeless and unsupervised
, peoples life
Number of Parts
A. Zhukovsky
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Has Sound

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