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The plot of the chronicle about the opening of the museum of the pioneer hero Kolya Myagotin. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the pioneers, the reconstructed museum of the pioneer-hero Kolya Myagotin opens in the village. Kolesnikovo, Ketovsky District, Kurgan Region. At the entrance to the museum, visitors are greeted by a sculptural portrait of the deceased hero. Museum director and guide Galina Akindinovna Snegovaya talks about Kolya's parents and friends, shows exhibits: a drawing and a model of the hut in which he was born, his graphic portrait. A stand with photographs of the school where he studied and a photograph of the first teacher - Klavdia Vasilievna Nikitina. Albums with photographs of the motor ship "N. MYAGOTIN ", a monument to Kolya Myagotin, pioneers with the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee L.I. Brezhnev. On the wall hangs a map of the world "LINKS OF THE MUSEUM WITH SCHOOLS OF THE COUNTRY AND COUNTRIES OF SOCIALISM", on which cities and countries are marked, from where those who are interested in the life of the little hero come. The pioneers listen attentively to G.A. Snowy.
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, museums for special purposes
, pioneer organization
, lenin
, excursions and visitors
, in
, exposure
, exhibits
, cartographic publications
, pioneer heroes
, and
, participation of pioneers in public life of the country
21,3 (общ. 212,7)
A. Krasnoshein
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text by I. Khlyamkov
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