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A film about the State Academic Dance Ensemble of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic "Kabardinka". 1 part. Kabardino-Balkaria. The mountains. Kabardian rides a horse. Two Kabardians in a mountain valley; one of them plays the Circassian flute. A flock of sheep goes down the mountainside. Sunflowers in the field. View of a mountain village. Meeting of two Russian servicemen in a mountain village (staged). Women take plates of food out of the house and set the table in the courtyard. The man fries kebabs. Children in the yard. Men clink glasses at the festive table. Musicians play folk instruments (sync.) A girl playing the accordion, a soldier and an elderly man are dancing in the courtyard. Members of the Kabardinka ensemble, who arrived to perform at one of the rest houses, get off the bus. Performance of the ensemble on the territory of the rest house. Spectators on the balconies of the building, on the territory. The members of the ensemble ride in the bus. The bus travels on the highway. The city of Nalchik. View of one of the streets of Nalchik. Monument "Forever with Russia" (1957, sculptors S. Matkhin, M. Listopad, architect A. Oltarzhevsky). The building of the State Musical Theater. Rehearsals of the women's and men's groups of the ensemble; the rehearsals are conducted by the head of the ensemble M.I. Ulbashev. Playbill for the performance of the State Academic Dance Ensemble of Kabardino-Balkaria "Kabardinka". Performance by the female group of the ensemble on stage. The spectators are seated in the hall. Dancers put on costumes, make up before the performance. Members of the ensemble perform a folk dance on stage. Part 2. View of one of the mountain villages. Houses surrounded by stone fences. An elderly woman with a boy, children in the yards. Blankets and carpets hang on a rope near the house. A truck drives by on the road. Lemon fruits on the tree. A woman carries buckets of water on a rocker. A man rides a horse in the mountains. Stormy stream of a mountain river. Performance of the ensemble “Kabardinka on the site in front of the lake, in a mountain village, at VDNKh on the Days of Culture and Art of the RSFSR. Otara sheep in the mountains. Shepherds cook food over a fire. A man plays the Circassian flute in the mountains.
P. Finkelberg
Film ID
, livestock
, everyday life
, dancing
, landscapes
, cities
Number of Parts
P. Finkelberg, V. Dzobaev
Other Creators
screenwriter G. Halperin, sound engineer A. Ovcharov
Release Date
Has Sound

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