Kamal Jumblatt

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The film is dedicated to the leader and creator of the Progressive Socialist Party of Lebanon, the leader of the Lebanese national-patriotic forces Kamal Jumblat. They talk about K. Jumblatt (synchronously in English and Arabic) K. Shamun (former President of Lebanon), Lebanese Prime Minister R. Karam, K. Jumblatt's son - V. Jumblat, Gazi and others. Photos of K. Jumblatt over the years. Former residence of K. Jumblatt. Newsreel footage. K. Jumblatt next to the man in the car. Photos dedicated to the assassination of K. Jumbblatt on March 16, 1977. Newsreel. Funeral of K. Jumblatt, V. Jumblatt is present. Broken cars, a man shoots from a gun. Grave of K. Jumblatt. Laying flowers. Reception V. Jumblatt. V. Jumblatt talks to a visitor. Assassination attempt on V. Jumblatt: police are carrying V. Jumblatt and his wife, cars are on fire. Landscapes of Lebanon: sea surf, mountains, fog in the valley, cedars on the mountainside. Children are planting Lebanese cedars. Ruined houses. Children are playing war. One of the episodes of the Lebanese Civil War: a car burns, a decomposed corpse, people are running. Military planes are flying. Aircraft carriers at sea. Museum. Fortress in pollock. Obituaries on the walls of ruined houses. A man is building a house.
A. Andreev
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social and political movement
, leisure
, automobile transport
, other socio-political organizations and parties
, funeral
, crimes
, situation of various populations
, vegetable world
, higher state bodies
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, offenses
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I. Kuznetsov
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