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Moscow region. The village of Kashino. Landscapes of the surroundings. NI Karabanova works in the garden; with his son Sergei at home. NI Karabanov, S. Karabanov visit the son and brother of N. Karabanov in the hospital. Kolkhoz chairman N. Karabanov in the hospital ward talking with the collective farm accountant, looking at the report. N. Karabanov harvesting hay, talking with collective farmers, students - trainees of the Timiryazev Academy (sinhr.), Holding a conversation with the father of a drinking collective farm driver. N. Karabanov pulls the drunk driver out of the car. Collective farm fields. Sowings of beans, corn, flax. Hay cleaning with a hay harvester. Silage. The Karabanov family is sawing wood; in the house for evening tea. Collective farm herd. Sheep, calves. Collective farm apiary. Monument to V.I.Lenin in Kashino. The city of Ramenskoye. Assistant foreman at the Krasnoye Znamya textile mill S. Karabanov conducts a routine inspection of machine tools. Weavers at the looms. Streets, buildings of the city. Moscow city. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR S. Karabanov at a meeting in the Kremlin, is receiving voters.
L. Christie
Film ID
medical services for the population
, labor
, rural settlements
, higher state bodies and institutions
, collective farms
, livestock
, textile industry
, individual farm and urbanism
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, beekeeping
, landscapes
, professional education (higher)
, cities
, plant growing
, a family
, home life
, electoral system
Number of Parts
G. Golubov
Other Creators
script S. Agatov, L. Grossman, sound engineer V. Kotov
Release Date
Has Sound

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