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The film is dedicated to the Central State Archive of Film and Photo Documents of the USSR (Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents). The film uses film and photo documents stored in the archive. Moscow region. The city of Krasnogorsk. TsGAKFFD USSR. Employees at work in the reading rooms of the archive, catalog, editing tables, in the cinema laboratory. Among them: V. M. Kondratyev, G. V. Serebryakova and others. Director of documentary films IP Kopalin selects film materials for his film, monitors the work of the copier. Director S. F. Bondarchuk, members of the film crew of the film "The Fate of a Man" on the territory of the archive, talking with N. A. Myshko. Moscow city. Pavilion of the central television studio. Announcer A. Shilova is broadcasting. The director of the TsGAFFD USSR talks about the work of the archive, about the films and photographic documents stored in the archive (sync.). Chronicle footage: Documentary filmmakers at work. Filmed under water, from a balloon gondola; moving on special skis, they take pictures in the swamp; cameramen in the snows of the Arctic; in the desert (shooting from different years). Frontline operators shoot various scenes during the Second World War (1941-1945). Expedition G. Ya. Sedov to the North Pole 1912: seeing off the ship "St. Foka" in Arkhangelsk; members of the expedition; G. Ya. Sedov. Fragments of the Pathé-magazine, 1914: a football match between the national teams of Russia and Moscow. Testing of Yuri Liller's snowmobiles in Moscow, February 2, 1911 The city of Petrograd. October 1917 Soldiers on the square in front of the Winter Palace. Construction of barricades. A detachment of Red Army soldiers is walking along the street. Stalingrad Tractor Plant. Release from the assembly line of the first tractor on July 17, 1930. Rally in honor of the launch of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Station on October 10, 1932. Present: GK Ordzhonikidze, MI Kalinin. All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers in the Column Hall of the House of Unions in Moscow in 1934. Present: A. M. Gorky, V. V. Ivanov, A. S. Novikov-Priboy and others. AM Gorky is speaking (sinhr.). English writer H. Wells in the Soviet Union. 1934: H. Wells visits the Lenin Mausoleum (Moscow), meets with Academician I.P. Pavlov (Leningrad). Football match between the teams of Turkey and Moscow. Combat and punitive actions of the armed forces of Germany; military operations of the Soviet troops; refugees, prisoners of war (1941-1945). Photo by K.E. Tsiolkovsky. Filming: KE Tsiolkovsky's house in Kaluga; K. E. Tsiolkovsky at work, with his family. Fragment of the performance of the Vakhtangov Theater (Moscow) "Egor Bulychev and others" (sinhr.). E. Bulychev - B.V.Schukin, Peacock - M.S.Derzhavin. USA. California State. 1943 The Symphony Orchestra performs the "Seventh Symphony" by D. D. Shostakovich on stage, in the seaport (under the open sky), conducts L. Stakhovsky (sinhr.). American soldiers and sailors listen to music. Fragment of the feature film "The House I Live In". Cast: V. M. Zemlyanikin, V. P. Telegin.
L. Axelrod, Y. Khodjaev
Film ID
the second world war
, energy (hydropower)
, urban transport
, cultural connections
, automobile transport
, football
, literature
, general issues
, cosmonautics
, music
, anthropology
, club type institutions
, theatre
, october revolution 1917
, anthropology (human anatomy and physiology)
, geography (expeditions)
, cinematography
, a television
, archival studies
, air transport
Number of Parts
L. Axelrod, Y. Khodjaev
Other Creators
There is no data
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