Kinoalmanach Horizon Issue 11

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The first part. L. Repin talks about the subjects collected in the almanac (sinhr.). Leningrad. Field of Mars. Monument to the heroes of the revolution. 1st plot. NDP "THE SECRET OF THE REVOLUTIONARY MARCH". Barnaul. Vehicle traffic. Types of old residential buildings. Building with NDP "STATE ARCHIVE OF ALTAI KRAI". Shelves with old documents in the archive room. Personal documents of the professor of general cosmognosy, music teacher N.N. Ikonnikov. Family photos, higher education diploma, works on mathematics, cosmognosy, music book. Title page with the NDP “FUNERAL MARCH FOR PHOTO SOCH. NN IKONNIKOVA ". k / t b / w [1905] Leaflets are printed in the printing house. c / t b / w 1917 The flag is waving with the NDP "YES THE PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION HEALTHY". Flag with the NDP "ALL POWER TO THE SOVIETS". VI Lenin on the podium during the 2nd Congress of Soviets. Field of Mars. The second part. L. Repin talks about the second plot of the almanac (sinhr.). Rehearsal of B. Brecht's play "Life of Galeley", scene "After the abdication" at the Moscow Art Theater. 2-nd plot of the NDP "Possession". People's Artist of the USSR A.A. Popov talks on the stage of the theater about the reason for the renunciation of G. Galelei from his views, talks with other artists (sinhr.) Experiments to measure the force of falling objects, the speed of falling of the body. The third part. Artist A.A. Popov talks about Galeley's law on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater (sinhr.). MLTP Experiments on measuring the speed of falling bodies along inclined and horizontal planes. L. Repin talks about the content of the third plot of the almanac (sinhr.). Glass melting process. 3rd plot. NDP "ETERNAL PAINTS". PNR on various stained-glass windows. Masters restore old stained-glass windows. Fourth part. Gothic cathedral building. NDP on the interior, decorated with stained-glass windows. Stained-glass windows are made by craftsmen. L. Repin talks about the fourth plot of the almanac (sinhr.). 4th plot. NDP "ZhURKA". Sevastopol region Polyushko village NDP in the village. The moon shines in the sky (landscape). A crane named Zhurka stands on the roof of a wooden house, flies over the village, walks along a rural road after its owner, a resident of the village, Daria Ignatievna, feeds from her hands in the courtyard of the house. A flock of cranes in the sky.
Film ID
, museums
, theatre
, animal world
, landscapes
, cities
, october revolution 1917
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
A. Romanov
Release Date
Has Sound

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