Kinoalmanach Horizon Issue 14

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Part 1 of the NDP "ALMANAKH LEADING THE HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION, THE COSMONAUT FLYER LEV STEPANOVICH DYOMIN" .DyominL.S. tells about the content of the film plots included in the almanac (sync.) 1 plot. Larisa Reisner. Leningrad. View of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Embankment of the Neva River. The sun disk rises over the city (landscape). A woman walks along the grate of the Summer Garden. Actress N. Vilkina walks through the city streets, relaxes in a cafe, examines the archival personal documents of the soldier of the 1917 revolution, writer and communist Larisa Reisner in her office. c / t b / w 1917-1919 The sailors and soldiers of the Red Army are marching in formation. People on the streets of Petrograd. Soldiers at Smolny. The building of the Winter Palace. NDP on the ships of the Volga-Kama flotilla. Part 2 Continuation of the first plot. Leningrad. N. Vilkina talks about life and fate, examines the personal archive of L. Reisner (sinhr.), Passes along the building of the theater of the October Revolution. Portraits of L. Reisner. Sunset over the sea (landscape). L.S. Demin talks about the content of the second plot of the almanac (sinhr.). 2 plot. Space fantasies, Moscow. VDNKh. View of the building of the pavilion "Young Naturalists". NDP on exhibits at the exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of October: models of spaceships, spaceport, tracked rover of a new type, etc. Cosmonaut BV Valynov among the visitors of the exhibition. Schoolchildren-authors of new models talk about their inventions. 3 part Continuation of the second plot. Model of a caterpillar rover. A member of the circle of Young Cosmonauts gives interviews (sinhr.) At the exhibition. Model of an asteroid. 3 plot. People play with dolls. A fragment of one of the puppet shows performed by People's Artist of the USSR S.V. Obraztsov (sinhr.) At the Central Puppet Theater. Obraztsov tells the audience about his work (sinhr.). Young actors during one of the performances on the stage of the theater. Fragments of puppet shows with the participation of artists from different republics and countries (sinhr). Young masters make theater puppets in the workshop. French puppeteers Claude and Colette Monestier create their dolls in front of the audience using paper and scissors. 4 part Continuation of the second plot. A fragment of one of the puppet shows performed by S.V. Obraztsov. The audience is applauding. Fragments of a puppet show at the Kalinin Puppet Theater (sinhr.) With the participation of People's Artist of the RSFSR Irma Suni. Scenes from puppet shows with the participation of the American puppeteer B. Bert, the French puppeteer Jean Paul Hubert, the puppet artist Albert Rosa from Germany. Preparing for one of the puppet shows behind the scenes of one of the performances.
M. Tavrog, Y. Aldokhin, K. Rovnin.
Film ID
, sea transport
, theatre
, landscapes
, astronomy & cosmonautics
, cities
, october revolution 1917
Number of Parts
D. Fedorovsky, Y. Aldokhin, D. Masurenkov, P. Tartakov
Other Creators
Sound operator N.Aipov
Release Date
Has Sound

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