Kinoalmanach Horizon Issue 33

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1 plot. Next to Lenin. c / t b / w 1918 V.I. Lenin and the First Chief Executive Officer of the Council of People's Commissars V.D. Bonch-Bruevich on the territory of the Kremlin. The book "Memories of Lenin", photographs of Bonch-Bruyevich over the years, Bolshevik literature of Bonch-Bruevich. Printing press in the printing house. Iskra newspaper. The magazine "Geneva No. 11, 1904. External and internal views of Smolny. Different types of the Moscow Kremlin. 2 part 2 plot. How the world works, Greece. Ancient Greek frescoes. Sea waves run onto the shore (landscape). Dramatization: the ancient Greek philosopher Thales sits on the steps of an ancient building, drinks water from a jug, looks at the fire. Anaximander plays the lyre, walks along the seashore. Seaweed, jellyfish, crabs (underwater photography). Seagull flies over the sea (landscape). Part 3 Continuation of the first plot Staging: Ancient Greek warriors in armor run along the walls of Miletus. Among the defenders of Miletus from the Persians is Maximian Melitinsky, a student of Thales and a friend of the philosopher Anaximander. NDP. Cloudy sky (landscape). Rocky shores of the Mediterranean Sea (landscape). The ancient Greek philosopher Iraklides lies on the ground by an extinct fire, talks with the inhabitants of his city of Ephesus (sinhr.), Looks at the sea on the shore. Sunset over the sea (landscape). NDP. General view of the rocky shores against the background of the sea (landscape). 4 part3 plot. Where did the birds come from? A flock of pink flamingos. White swans, crocodiles swim in the pond. Turtles, lizards in the sand. Skeletons of various amphibian species in the Paleontological Museum. MLTP Fragments of cartoons about the life of dinosaurs, flying lizards. Stuffed birds in the halls of the museum. Fossilized bird feather. Bird feather designs. A flock of seagulls are flying over the sea. Polar region. Penguins on the rocky shores of the ocean (filmed from the top). Tropics. Cockatoo parrots, secretary bird, peacock and other birds.
S. Reitburg, K. Rovnin,
Film ID
, architecture
, archeology
, landscapes
, philosophy
, political literature
, history
, october revolution 1917
Number of Parts
P. Tartakov, E. Potievsky, A. Popov
Other Creators
Sound engineer M. Dmitrieva
Release Date
Has Sound

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