Kinoalmanach Horizon Issue 35

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PARTS ONE-SECOND The plot of the almanac "Anatoly Ufimtsev's Dream" about the life of the self-taught inventor A.G. Ufimtsev, according to whose project the first wind farm was built. PART ONE The city of Kursk. The movement of road transport along the city street. Two-storey buildings in the old part of the city. Wind farm, built according to the project of A.G. Ufimtsev in 1931. Former assistant of Ufimtsev V.K. Durnov talks about the construction and construction of a wind farm (behind the scenes). The building of the station "Young technicians". Teenagers ride homemade vehicles in the yard of the station. Stormy sky in the clouds. Grass and shrubs bend in the strong wind. The sea is agitated by gusts of wind. Photos of the designer of aerodynamic engines, associate of N.E. Zhukovsky and A.G. Ufimtsev, V.P. Vetchinkin. VP Vetchinkin's work "Aircraft dynamics", published by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Chronicle footage. The peasant plows the land on horseback. The peasant sows grain in the field. The peasants are thrashing the sheaves. Workers work with jackhammers. A miner in the face on his knees drags a minecar with coal. The rite of communion during the liturgy. PART TWO Son V.P. Vetchinkin, Doctor of Technical Sciences V.P. Vetchinkin talks about the reasons why the wind farm, built in Kursk, according to the project of Ufimtsev (synchronously and behind the scenes) was not in demand. "Meeting with the sculptor" is dedicated to the work of the sculptor Leonid Berlin. The sculptor L. Berlin at work in the studio. Exhibition of works by L. Berlin. Memorial to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War in the park of the city of Murom, a monument to participants in the Civil War, sailors of the Baltic Fleet, sculptural decoration of the carousel installed at the Moscow Durov Animal Theater. Club members take care of service dogs, train them. Solemn ceremony of handing over the service dogs raised in the club to the border guards. Members of the club see off border guards with dogs at the railway station. Cadets of the school of border guards during classes: train puppies of service dogs, look after them, chase with dogs "violators" on a drill. PART FOURFrontier outpost. A unit of border guards takes over the protection of the state border. Border guards at the post. Changing of the Guard.
T. Gutman, E. Ostashenko, M. Tavrog
Film ID
, energy
, out-of-school education
, phenomena of nature
, landscapes
, wind power
, cities
, sculpture
, service dog breeding
Number of Parts
P. Filimonov, V. Ivanov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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