Kinoalmanach Horizon Issue 36

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PARTS ONE - THREE The plot of the film almanac "Numbers rule the world" tells about the ancient Greek thinker and philosopher Pythagoras. The plot uses staged shooting, in which the actors G. Korotkov and A. Bulatov were filmed. PART THREE The plot of the film almanac "Meeting with Renato Gutuzo" about the Italian artist Renato Gutuzo. Renato Gutuzo at work in the studio. Pictures and drawings by R. Gutuzo. Painting by Gutuzo "Market in Palermo". Market on the island of Sicily, buyers at the stalls with goods. PARTS THREE - FOURTH Plot of the film almanac “Fitodrome. Harvest on a conveyor "about a scientific experiment of growing plants at the plant" phytodrome "at the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems, under the leadership of candidate of technical sciences VN Golovin. Part 3. Cleaning of grain harvesters. Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse. Blooming sunflowers field. Machine tillage before sowing. Part 4. The sun's rays shine through the foliage. An astronaut in a spaceship at the minifitodrome. A plant grown in a minifitodrome in space. Growing greens - parsley, lettuce, cilantro - at minifitromes in space and the Arctic. Polar station on Bolshoy Bear Island. Ice hummocks. The movement of the all-terrain vehicle on the territory of the station. Minifitodrome, where the station employees grow greens. Polar explorers at lunch.
E. Ostashenko, K. Dilanyan, Y. Aldokhin, V. Antipova
Film ID
, private trade
, botany
, cosmonautics
, philosophy
, expeditions
, biology
, painting
Number of Parts
V. Kipin, G. Chumakov, M. Aleksanyan
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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