Kinoalmanach Horizon Issue 39

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1 plot. Double or interlocutor. A man writes with a marker on a sheet of paper. Staging: the actor in the role of the protagonist of the novel by F.M. Dostoevsky, a petty official Ya.P. Galyatkin, looks at himself in the mirror, walks down the street. Portrait of F.M. Dostoevsky (painting). Portrait of the scientist A.A. Ukhtomsky. People, vehicles on the street of one of the cities. Photo portraits of A.A. Ukhtomsky for different years of his life. NDP. Yaroslavl region, Vosloma village. Wooden houses, haystacks in the snow. General view of the city of Rybinsk. NDP based on children's drawings, personal documents of Ukhtomsky. The iconostasis in one of the churches. Part 2 Continuation of the first plot. Photo portraits of A.A. Ukhtomsky and Professor Vedensky. Scientific works, drawings by Ukhtomsky. The macaque looks at itself in the mirror. A herd of deer in the tundra. Fish going to spawn in one of the reservoirs. A flock of birds in the trees and in the sky. Dramatization: the actor in the role of the main character of the novel by F.M. Dostoevsky, a petty official YP Galyatkin at his desk. Sightseers look at paintings in one of the galleries. People walk on the streets of the city. 2 plot. Nashchokinsky house, part 3 Continuation of the second plot. Leningrad region, Pushkin. NDP on the interiors of the house of P.V. Nashchokin. Family portrait of the Nashchokin family (drawing). Dramatization: The actress in the image of P.V. Nashchokin's wife talks about A.S. Pushkin (sinhr.). Portraits of A.S. Pushkin and his wife N.N. Goncharova (painting) .3 plot. Concerto for hands and orchestra. The conductor leads one of the symphony orchestras. The paramedic is massaging the hands of a small child. Children play in kindergarten, draw with paints and crayons, learn to write, model an airplane. Part 4 Continuation of the fourth plot. The conductor directs one of the symphony orchestras. Metallurgists at work. Builders at a construction site. Welding work at one of the automotive companies. Seamstress at work. Shoe production at one of the factories. Workers at one of the bakeries are stacking buns in trays. Assembly of mechanical watches at the factory. Blacksmith at work. Textile factory workers weave carpets. Pottery production in the workshop. Glassblower at work.
Y. Danilov, E. Potievsky, T. Gutman, S. Reitburgh
Film ID
, urban transport
, food industry
, glass and porcelain industry
, building
, textile industry
, theatre
, music
, automotive industry
, leather and footwear industry
, landscapes
, cities
, medicine
, scientific literature
, painting
941.3 м
Number of Parts
V. Demin, V. Ivanov,
Other Creators
Sound engineer L. Shutov, A. Romanov, R. Krasilnikov,
Release Date