Kinoalmanach Horizon Issue 40

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The film almanacs "Horizon" included the following plots: 1 part. 1st plot. The Life of Tsveta. The film tells about the outstanding scientist, the founder of the chromatography method Mikhail Tsveta. The following filming was used: internal view of one of the chemical laboratories; laboratory employee for the experiment; Professor K.I.Sakodynsky talks about M. Tsvet, including walking along the streets of Leningrad (sync. and off-frame), examines and comments on archival documents, photographs (sync. and off-frame.); internal view of one of the biological laboratories; views of Odessa, Odessa Botanical Garden. 2 part. Continuation of the 1st plot. Views of Leningrad, Kazan, Kazan Kremlin, Kazan State University; K.I.Sakodynsky tells about M. Tsvet (sync. And for the frame.). Family photographs of M. Tsvet. Conducting an experiment on chromatography in a biological laboratory; views of Tartu, University of Tartu; views of Voronezh, the destroyed Alekseevsky monastery; production processes in the shops of the plant "Chromotron". 3 part. 2-nd plot. The ball and wheels. The plot telling about a sports game - a motorball includes the following filming: athletes in training, before the start of the game, during the match; repair of motorcycles in the workshop; the coach oversees the repairs. 3rd plot. Orchestra rehearsal. Students of the Moscow Music School No. 80 - members of the brass band before the start of the rehearsal: tune their instruments: flute, trumpet, French horn, baritone and other instruments; rehearsal of the orchestra under the direction of R. Hecht (sinhr.). 4 part. Continuation of the 3rd plot. Rehearsal of the brass band. Performance of the orchestra in the hall of the Moscow State Conservatory. Tchaikovsky, at the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure on Victory Day in front of war veterans (sinhr.).
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higher professional education
, botany
, christianity
, school special education
, state holidays
, motorcycling
, cities
, biology
, monuments of history and architecture
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A. Pavlov
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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