Kinoalmanach Horizon Issue 41

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The film almanacs included the following plots: 1 part. 1st plot. In the blue sky. The plot tells about one of the pioneers of the Soviet aviation, the famous navigator, Hero of the Soviet Union - I.T. Spirin. The film includes the following filming: children flying kites; boarding passengers on the IL-86 aircraft, takeoff of the TU-154 aircraft, the movement of vehicles along the streets of Moscow, a herd of horses near the river bank (filmed from a helicopter); Newsreel footage of 1930: a steamer at sea during a storm, sailors on deck; Great Eastern flight in September 1930: preparation for the flight, crew members at the plane; among them - journalist M. Koltsov and others, planes at the start, in the air; newsreel footage of 1934: a non-stop flight on an ANT-25 aircraft: an aircraft at the airport, crew members, including M. Gromov, I, Spirin, A. Filin, accept congratulations after the completion of the flight; Newsreel footage of 1937: the flight of the N-170 aircraft with the SP-1 station expedition led by I. Papanin to the North Pole: the plane in flight, navigator I. Spirin at the instruments, makes notes on the map, the participants of the flight at the plane that landed on the North Pole pole; among them - Vodopyanov, I. Spirin, I. Papanin, M. Babushkin, O. Schmidt. Newsreel footage of the Great Patriotic War: German aircraft in the air, dropping bombs on Soviet territory, Soviet aircraft are conducting an air battle, Soviet tanks are on the offensive, the downed German plane is burning. 2 part. Continuation of the 1st plot. Cadets of the flight school in the classroom; planes take off into the sky. 2nd plot. Dispute. The plot tells about the Moscow vocational school No. 55 and the Leningrad school No. 61. The film includes the following filming: a general view of one of the construction sites in Moscow, where the construction of residential buildings is in progress; dispute of schoolchildren and students of vocational school №55 on the Open Day with the participation of the director of the school V. Varga (sync. and for the frame.); students of the vocational school №55 in the classroom. Part 3. Continuation of the 2nd plot. Dispute of schoolchildren and students of the vocational school (sync.); students of the Moscow vocational school №55 in the classroom in the workshops of the school, in construction practice. Students of the Leningrad vocational school №61 in the classroom painting, woodcarving, stone under the guidance of teachers (sinhr.); view of the art museum at the school; the director of the school V. Shelgantsev presents the work of students (sinhr.); students in industrial practice; views of Leningrad .. 3rd plot. The search continues. The plot tells about the young sculptor-ceramist, laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize Valery Maloletkov. The film includes the following filming: V. Maloletkov talks about his work (sync. And for the frame.), Works in the studio, general view of the sculptor's work; production processes at the factory of porcelain insulators. 4 part. Continuation of the third plot. Sculptor V. Maloletkov at work in the workshop. General view of the sculptor's works.
V. Antipov
Film ID
higher professional education
, secondary vocational education
, the second world war
, the great patriotic war
, cities
, sculpture
, expeditions
, air transport
, electrical industry
, aviation
Number of Parts
O. Krasnov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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