Kinoalmanach Horizon Issue 48

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The first part. The first plot. REBELANDER. The plot tells about the Decembrist I.I.Sukhinov - lieutenant of the Chernigov Infantry Regiment. Papers from the archives of the III Department of the Imperial Chancellery, 1826. - the case of the Decembrist I.I. Sukhinov. Graphic artist Yevgeny Matsievsky studies the portraits of the Decembrists in his studio. E. Matsievsky draws a portrait of I. Sukhinov. - the face of the artist. A stork in a nest on the roof of a village house. An old house on a village street (Kherson region). A panorama of the village, a corn field, cows, horses grazing in the meadow. Portraits of the heroes of the war of 1812. Portraits of Alexander I. G. Tulchin (Ukraine, Vinnytsia region), a sculptural group depicting the Decembrists, on the city square, a memorial plaque on the house "THE SOUTH SOCIETY OF DECABRISTS WAS CREATED HERE IN MARCH 1821", general view of the house, alley in the city park ... Rain, the building of the Museum of the History of the Decembrist Movement in the house of P.I. Pestel. General view of the village of Trilesy (Ukraine, Kiev region). River, wooden houses on the bank. A hut under a thatched roof on the banks of the river. E. Matsievsky draws a portrait of I. I. Sukhinov according to the description of gendarme detectives. Church on a hill, NDP on domes, NDP at village houses. Central square of the city of Vasilkovo (Kiev region), where he was read by the regimental the priest of the Orthodox catechism of S. I. Muravyov-Apostol. Monument to the Decembrists on the square, erected in 1975. The second part. Stills from the silent feature film by G. Kozintsev and L. Trauberg "The Uprising of the Chernigovites." Ostrog, the domes of the Epiphany Cathedral, the castle of Prince Ostrozh, where I. Sukhinov was brought to prison. A panorama of the former prison cellars of the castle. View of the city from the side of the castle ruins. The central square of the city. Portrait of Nicholas I. Lithographs depicting the settlements of convicts, Chita region, a settlement near the Nerchinsky mine, in the background - hills. Despair of Nicholas I in Nerchinsk, commanding to shoot I. Sukhinov. The finished portrait of I. Sukhinov - the work of artist E. Mozalevsky. Nest stork on an old tree. The rooster is walking along the road. Horses, cows on the lawn, in the background - village houses, a well on the street (the village of Trilesy). The third part. The plot of the second. FROM THE ORDER OF SUNSELOVS. The plot tells about the Russian painter, designer, graphic artist, theater artist V.E. Tatlin. NDP based on photographs of V.E. Tatlin. Church at the Novodevichy cemetery, NDP at the graves. Alleys of the cemetery. Columbarium. The inscription on the grave monument “HONORED ARTIST, ARTIST TATLIN V.Ye. 1885-1953 ". Artist A. Korsakova - V. Tatlin's widow in her studio among paintings and drawings. Portraits of V. Tatlin, painted by A. Korsakova. Sailboat in the sea at sunset. A seagull flies in the sky. Photos of sailing ships from the beginning of the XX century. V. Tatlin's paintings dedicated to sailors. Photos of young V. Tatlin. Still lifes of V. E. Tatlin, portraits, drawings. Summer, Moscow, Ostozhenka street, the house where the artist's commune was located. Portraits of models. Picturesque works of V.E. Tatlin, created in the 1910s; photograph of V.E. Tatlin in a Ukrainian costume with a bandura; posters of art exhibitions in Moscow in the 1910s. "Jack of Diamonds". "Donkey's tail", "Shop" and others. Photos of Tatlin's compositions - "counter-reliefs". Newsreel footage: Moscow, early XX century, carriages, pedestrians on the Moskvoretsky bridge, the Kremlin; Paris, early XX century, carriages in the streets, pedestrians, view of the city from the Eiffel Tower; Moscow, [1918], demonstration with banners “PROLETARIANS OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE!”; AV Lunacharsky speaks on the street in front of the demonstrators, the opening of the monument to Garibaldi, a horse-drawn car ride along the street; Moscow, April 1930, a hearse with the body of V. Mayakovsky goes down the street surrounded by people to the Novodevichy cemetery. Drawings by V. Tatlin - V. Mayakovsky, D. Burliuk. Photo of V. Mayakovsky. Collection of poems and drawings "Trebnik of three" (V. Tatlin, V. Mayakovsky, D. Burliuk). Fourth part. Project of the monument to the III International (MLTK, models) - the work of V.E. Tatlin. Newsreel footage: Moscow, 1920s, the tram goes down the street, city streets. Drawings of models of clothes, developed by V. Tatlin. Photographs of dishes made by V.E. Tatlin's students under his leadership. The walls of the Novodevichy Convent, the bell tower in the woods. Steps leading to the bell tower, where Tatlin's workshop was located. Drawings of an aircraft designed by V. Tatlin. Photo of V. Tatlin with his aircraft. Model of V.E. Tatlin's aircraft. Newsreel footage: Moscow, early 1950s, paintings, sculptures at an art exhibition, the protagonist is I.V. Stalin. Still lifes of V.E. Tatlin. V. Tatlin's sketches - scenery for performances. Sketches of scenery, costumes for the operas "A Life for the Tsar", "The Flying Dutchman". A poster for the play based on V. Khlebnikov's poem "Zangezi" - the play's designer V. Tatlin - at the Museum of Artistic Culture (Petrograd, 1923). performances "The first comedian of the 17th century", "Business", "Kronstadt". A. N. Korsakova in her studio examines her drawings dedicated to her husband. View of the Novodevichy Convent from the bell tower.
K. Rovnin, E. Ostashenko
Film ID
urban transport
, graphics
, sea transport
, christianity
, museums
, villages
, theatre
, animal world
, cartage
, landscapes
, agitation
, cities
, sculpture
, political propaganda
, painting
, consumer services
Number of Parts
P. Tartakov, O. Fedotov
Other Creators
Consultants S.V. Mironenko, V.I. Kostin, A.A.Strigalev
Release Date
Has Sound

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