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The film tells about a unique method of treatment - animal therapy. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Director of JSC "Utrish Dolphinarium" LM Mukhametov talks about the amazing properties of dolphins, about sessions of dolphin therapy. The film uses the following filming: a boy in the dolphinarium, stroking a dolphin, the dolphin swims away; the movement of a cargo van carrying dolphins, dolphins in a van; employees of the dolphinarium, including L.M. Mukhametov, with the help of special devices unload and transport the dolphin to the pool, lower the dolphin into the pool, examine the dolphin, swim with dolphins in the pool; LM Mukhametov talks (sinhr. And off-screen.) About dolphin therapy; a dolphin plays with a ball in a pool, a dolphin employee feeds a dolphin with fish, dolphins jump in a pool, L.M. Mukhametov conducts singing dolphins; a girl jumps into the pool during a dolphin therapy session, swims with a dolphin, strokes a dolphin; dolphins with balls in the pool, a woman swims on a dolphin; a neuropathologist examines a boy, a dolphin with a ball swims up to a boy, a boy takes a ball out of a dolphin's mouth and throws it into the pool; pupils of a specialized orphanage, where children with mental disorders live, draw dolphins, the teacher tells (sinhr.) about how children change after visiting the dolphinarium; performance in the dolphinarium: a fur seal swims on a dolphin, dolphins jump synchronously in the pool, jump over rings, over a stick, children applaud.
L. Gerashchenko
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medical services for the population
, the circus
, psychiatry
, pediatrics
, biology
, zoology
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