Kinoalmanakh Boss №5 The Composers Overcoat

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The film tells about the senior authorized police department "Airport" in Moscow, police captain Alexander Yenikeev, who creates musical works for children in his spare time. The film uses the following filming: students of one of the Moscow schools are preparing the scenery for the musical performance "The Wizard of the Emerald City" to the music and poems of A. Enikeev, one of the girls participating in the performance reads poetry (sync.), Rehearsal of the play (sync.), Teacher plays music on the piano, children sing (all sync.); A. Enikeev plays the synthesizer and sings (sync.), Talks (sync. And off-screen.) About his passion for poetry and music, about the creation of children's operas "Aibolit", "The Wizard of the Emerald City"; employees of the "Airport" police station, including the district inspector A. Yenikeev, discuss the plan of operational measures in the chief's office, one of the employees reports on the situation (sync. and off-screen.); A. Yenikeev checks the documents of a trader in the market, bypasses the Sokol hostel, where immigrants from China live, checks the registration documents (sync. And for the frame.); district inspector A. Enikeev in his office, talking with visitors, typing; a panorama of the "Airport" police station on duty, A. Yenikeev and another officer of the department receive weapons, load them, shoot at the shooting range; A. Enikeev leaves the building of the police station, gets into the car, goes to the scene; A. Enikeev, doctor and other people in the apartment of a deceased elderly woman; A. Enikeev plays the piano and sings (sinhr.); A. Enikeev and his wife at home, A. Enikeev talks about the family (sinhr.); A. Enikeev is going to work, saying goodbye to his wife and children (sinhr.).
L. Gerashchenko
Film ID
out-of-school education
, school education
, everyday life
, militia
, artistic activities
, trade
, the federal migration service
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There is no data
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