Kinoalmanakh Boss №5 When I Came

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The film tells about the young director of the Yaroslavl tire plant N.I. Tonkov, who in the shortest possible time managed to modernize the old enterprise. The film uses the following filming: the governor of the Yaroslavl region A.I. Lisitsyn tells (sinhr.) About Nikolai Tonkov; N.I. Tonkov at home, talks about himself, about his family, about the plant (sync. And for the frame.), Goes down the stairs, goes to the kitchen, picks up his youngest son, sits down at the table where the elder draws him son, Tonkov's wife cooks in the kitchen, sets the table, helps the eldest son with the drawing, N.I. Tonkov gives the youngest son a bottle to drink, takes him to bed; panorama of the Yaroslavl tire plant, a meeting in the office of the director of the enterprise - N.I. Tonkov, a speech by N.I. Tonkov at the meeting, production processes in the quality control department of the plant and other workshops, N.I. Tonkov, accompanied by specialists of the enterprise, walk through the shops, talking with workers; general view of the new workshop at the plant with new modern equipment, computers; shop workers at work, students of the factory technical school in a chemistry lesson, a chemistry teacher says that scholarships are paid to students who succeed in chemistry (sync.); general view of the plant's accounting department and accounting employees at work; plant director N.I. Tonkov and other employees of the enterprise play football, N.I. Tonkov works in his office, receives visitors, talks to them, rides in a car through the streets of Yaroslavl; types of streets, the Yaroslavl Kremlin.
Film ID
secondary vocational education
, football
, everyday life
, tire production
, cities
Number of Parts
K. Durnov
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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