Kinoalmanakh Horizon Issue 45

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The first part. The first plot. FIRST DECABRIST. Winter, a horse pulls a cart across a snow-covered field. Portrait of the Decembrist V.F. Raevsky. Summer, the road carriage is driving along the road in the field. Summer, one of the streets of Chisinau. The house in which A.S. Pushkin lived in exile in Chisinau. Winter, the house in Chisinau, where V.F. Raevsky lived. House interiors. Tiraspol, a cell in the fortress, to which the convict V.F. Raevsky was taken. NDP on the ruins of the fortress. Kursk region, village Khvorostyanka, view of the former mansion of the Raevsky family. Portraits of the mother and father of V.F. Raevsky. A pond in front of the house, trees are reflected in the water. Summer, Leningrad, the building of the former 2nd cadet corps. Notebook with notes, drawings by A.S. Pushkin, among them - an appeal to Raevsky. Second part. Portrait of the Decembrist P.I. Pestel, drawn by A.S. Pushkin. A candle is burning in the chamber of the fortress, Leningrad, view of the Palace Square at sunset, the Alexander Column. The gates of the Peter and Paul Fortress are closing, views of the fortress. Portrait of V.F. Raevsky. The ruins of the Zamosc fortress, the NDP along the walls of the fortress. Portrait of Alexander I. Three horses are carrying a cart across a snow-covered field. The second plot. GOD OF THE WEATHER. Summer, Poland over the hills, wooden houses on the outskirts of the village of Temirtau (Tashtagol City Council, Kemerovo Region). The house in which the scientist meteorologist-practitioner A.V. Dyakov lived and worked, engaged in long-term weather forecasting and forecasting natural disasters in different regions of the Earth during periods of solar activity. N. G. Dyakova recalls her husband (sinhr.), Feeds a calf from himself in the yard, milking a cow, driving the cows to pasture, going up to her husband's observatory, turning on the telescope. Moon in the clouds. A view of flooded houses (filmed from a helicopter). Newsreel footage: men are raking a snow block, all-terrain vehicles go into a blizzard, waves flood the embankment, a ship in a storm at sea, a forest fire, an avalanche in the mountains, rescuers evacuate people from flooded houses (1970- A.V. Dyakov at the telescope in the observatory, talks about his method of forecasting natural disasters (sinhr.), reads a letter from France in French (b / w footage). Photos of A.V. Dyakov in his youth. NG Dyakova sorts out the photographs of her husband, talks about him (behind the scenes). N. G. Dyakova sits on a bench near his house. The third part. Newsreel footage: the construction of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine (years of the first five-year plan). N. G. Dyakova talks about her husband (behind the scenes). Lilies are blooming at the house of Dyakov, Poland in the garden , outbuildings. Photos by A.V. Dyakov. Views of the village of Temirtau (Kemerovo region). Sunrise in the mountains. Sunset. A. V. Dyakov talks about the influence of the sun on the weather (behind the scenes), standing at the telescope (sync. B / w footage). Sketches of sunspots made by A. V. Dyakov. Shelves with books in the office. NG Dyakova takes data on weather changes from self-made devices in her garden. The interiors of an observatory built by a metallurgical plant for its meteorologist. General view of the observatory. The son of a meteorologist Kamill Dyakov at the telescope. Newsreel footage: Paris, streets covered with snow (1970s) Poland over the Temirtau hills, wildflowers. Fourth part. Summer, view of the A.V. Dyakov observatory among the mountains. Sheathed telescope. Fog in the mountains. Sunset in the mountains. A.V. Dyakov with a portable telescope goes uphill to the observatory (b / w footage). DREAM - An athlete on a hang glider flies over the ground. An athlete on a hang-glider runs up, tries to take off from the hill, it does not work. The athlete takes off from the hill, flies. The calf in the meadow. Mountains, snow at the top. G. Adler, having a rest on the beach. Street Cafe. Sea, vacationers swim in the sea, pebble beach. Boy on the shore. Waves roll onto the shore. Guys from the hang gliding section of the city of Adler cook food over a fire. Hang gliders lie on the grass, tents are set up nearby. The head of the hang gliding section VG Chuprynin leaves the "Zaporozhets", goes to his students, watches the flights. V.G. Chuprynin takes off on a hang-glider, flies over the ground. View of Adler from a flying hang-glider. A traffic policeman stands at a service car on the road, looking at the hang-glider in the sky.
M. Tavrog, T. Gutman, Y. Danilov
Film ID
children and youth sports
, metallurgy
, public leisure facilities
, public catering
, natural disasters
, villages
, animal world
, landscapes
, astronomy
, cities
, air sport
, geography
, peoples life
Number of Parts
E. Potievsky, I. Korganov, A. Novikov, S. Starikov
Other Creators
Script writers Y. Gurvich, P. Sirkes, A. Vozhzhov
Release Date
Has Sound

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