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The film tells about the life of Anatoly Karpov - multiple world chess champion, chairman of the "Peace Fund". The film uses the following filming: A. Karpov's mother sits at a sound-editing table, watches newsreels, talks about her son (sync.); A. Karpov answers the journalist's questions about his relationship with V. Korchnoi (sync. And for the frame.); A. Karpov climbs the stairs to his office of the Ambassador of the UN Children's Fund, talks with women who came to see him (sinhr.); the view of the premises in the orphanage, the boy is sitting on the sofa, the girl is walking along the corridor, A. Karpov is distributing gifts and autographs to the inmates of the orphanage; general view of the building of one of the prisons, A. Karpov plays chess with prisoners; A. Karpov with his friends walking down the street; a car drives up, from which G.Kasparov gets out, G.Kasparov goes to his car; A. Karpov in the yard of his dacha; A. Karpov with his wife and child; A. Karpov talks about the persecution that was organized against him in the 80s (sync. And per frame.) Newsreel footage: Leonid Brezhnev awards A. Karpov, congratulates him (sinhr.), A. Karpov speaks with a response word (sync.); A. Karpov plays chess with V. Korchnoi during the world chess champions, answers the correspondent's questions (sync. And for the frame.); A. Karpov gives a session of a simultaneous game of chess in one of the military units; A. Karpov accepts congratulations after winning the World Chess Championship, A. Karpov drives by in a car.
G. Gataullina
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, imprisonment
, everyday life
, chess
, fight against neglect and neglect
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