Kinoalmanakh Stars of Russia №4 Visiting of Museum

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The film tells about the director of the State Museum of Fine Arts named after A. Pushkin I. A. Antonova. The film uses the following filming: the foyer of the museum, the central staircase; IA Antonova leads her guests through the halls of the museum, tells (off-screen) how in April 1945 she came to work at the museum and remains in it to this day; IA Antonova at the table in the study, leaving the study; the priest climbs the stairs to the museum; general view of the exhibits in the halls of the museum; children on excursions in the museum, study in one of the circles of the Center for Aesthetic Education, created at the museum; Museum staff hang up pictures for the opening of the next exhibition. Newsreels from different years: IA Antonova cuts the ribbon during the opening of one of the exhibitions in the halls of the museum; Marshal of the Soviet Union G.K. Zhukov during a visit to the museum, I.A.Antonova with members of one of the delegations who visited the museum; IA Antonov with M. Plisetskaya in the museum; general view of the halls of the museum.
M. Gureev
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international connections
, museum
, christianity
, out-of-school education
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R. Gerasimenkov
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