Kinoalmanakh Stars of Russia №5 We Are so Russians

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The film tells about the honored coach of Russia in athletics E.I. Mukhin from the city of Kineshma. The film uses the following filming: EI Mukhin sits in the gym and talks about himself, about his current students and those who have become famous champions (sync. And behind the scenes.); pupils of EI Mukhin in training in one of the gyms of Kineshma - are engaged in simulators; children jogging in the park; E. I. Mukhin sets the bar for high jumps in the hall, children jump high under the guidance of a coach, E. I. Mukhin gives advice to one of his students (sinhr.), Children play football in the stadium, among them coach E. M. Mukhin; EM Mukhin with his pupils in the gym, walking along Kineshma street, sitting on a bench with his acquaintance, talking with him; champion of the 2000 Olympic Games, student of E.M. Mukhin - Sergei Klyugin talks (sync. and behind the scenes.) about his former coach, trains in one of the gyms in Moscow with his new coach; views of Kineshma: general view of the city, streets, people on the streets, a motor ship sailing along the Volga, Cathedral Square. Newsreel footage: a general view of the city of Kineshma, the Volga, a river pier, an embankment, a gazebo on a high bank, the Volga motor ship sailing along a river , one of the cathedrals, passers-by on city streets; Valery Brumel jumps in a height of 2m 28 cm at competitions, spectators in the stands greet the athlete who has overcome this height. V. Brumel surrounded by reporters at the stadium; high jump athlete V. Yashchenko high jump at competitions (70s), V. Yashchenko at the stadium with his fans during training; General view of skyscrapers in Chicago, the ship sails on Lake Michigan. Footage of the video footage of the Olympic Games in 2000: athletes S. Klyugin and V. Voronin preparing for high jumps, warming up; unsuccessful jump V. Voronin and victorious jump S. Klyugin, S. Klyugin after the jump and during the awarding of the gold medal of the Olympic champion - standing on the podium, shaking hands with other winners.
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, athletics
, water transport
, childrens sports
, usa
, cities
, olympic games
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G. Myakishev, M. Levenberg
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