Kinoalmanakh Stars of Russia №6 Well Take It Away Or Candy Wrappers From Red October

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The film tells about the artist LK Chelnokov, who worked all his life at the confectionery factory "Red October". The film uses the following filming: LK Chelnokov walks along the bridge, looks at the ducks swimming in the ice hole, leaves the building of the Zamoskvoretsky court; panorama of the buildings of the confectionery factory "Red October"; schoolchildren and adults on excursions in the factory museum, see exhibits, among which there are many different candy boxes, the guide tells about the history of the factory, museum visitors ask the guide questions (sinhr.), children and adults eat chocolate; LK Chelnokov talks about himself, about his life (sync. And behind the scenes.); the type of paintings painted by the artist L.K. Chelnokov; LK Chelnokov paints a winter landscape; Chelnokov's wife pours tea into cups, talks about her husband (per shot), L.K. Chelnokov and his wife are sitting at the table, there is a vase of sweets on the table, L.K. Chelnokov is cutting bread, sausage, putting a dish on the table with potatoes, guests at the table, KL Chelnokov clink glasses with the guests, drinks a glass of vodka; KL Chelnokov stroking a cat, stands at the window, enters the building of the Zamoskvoretsky court. Newsreel footage: people walk along the street past a confectionery shop window, children eat chocolate, a panorama of boxes of sweets, of figured chocolate.
G. Evtushenko
Film ID
food industry
, everyday life
, museums
, cities
, painting
Number of Parts
V. Izvekov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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