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The film tells about the city of Chisinau, its transport links, main buildings, educational institutions and industrial enterprises. Moldavian SSR, Chisinau. Stella with the NDP: "CHISINAU". A passenger electric train is going by. Airplane on the runway. The passengers of the plane go down the ladder. Passengers get off the bus; NDP by bus: "CHISINAU-BUCHAREST-SOFIA". City street: passing cars, buses, trams; people pass. Lenin Avenue. Musical and Drama Theater. A.S. Pushkin. Government House, monument to V.I. Lenin at the building. The building of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Agricultural Institute building. The building of the Chisinau Polytechnic Institute. S. Lazo. Vocational school students in the classroom. Employees of the plant "Electrotochpribor" in the shop at work. Shop of the Moldavkabel plant. Workshop of the Mikroprovod plant. Refrigerator assembly shop at the Chisinau Refrigerator Factory; ready-made refrigerators in the workshop. Chisinau pumping plant them. G.I. Kotovsky: the territory of the plant, buildings on the territory; workshop of the plant. Chisinau Tractor Plant; tractors in the workshop. Agricultural workers harvest fruit trees. Jars of canned fruits on the shelves. Products of wine and vodka factories on the shelf; NDP: "COGNACS OF MOLDAVIA". Confectionery on the shelf. Shop of a garment and knitwear factory; employees at work. Shop of the shoe factory "Zorile"; female employees at work; shoe factory products. Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after Lenin Komsomol: a cascade staircase with a rotunda and fountains; vacationers in the park; a man is water skiing on the Komsomolskoye Lake. NDP for a new district of the city under construction; tower cranes at a construction site.
Yu Dubinskaya
Film ID
instrumentation and automation
, landscaping and landscape architecture
, housing construction
, higher education
, pump and compressor engineering
, secondary education
, tram
, sports-mass work
, musical theatre
, bus
, textile industry
, grocery stores
, passenger trains
, manufacture of footwear
, academies of science union republics
, gardens and parks
, culture and recreation
, harvest
, cable industry
, tractor construction
, manufacturing of household appliances and machines
, lakes
, aircraft
, cities
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
author V. Sukachev, consultant L. Prozorov, editor L. Fine-Hirsch
Release Date
Has Sound

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