Klooga - Death Camp

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Estonian SSR, Klooga village, 1944. Gateway to the concentration camp with the NDP in German, Estonian and Russian: “STOP! WILL SHOOT! " Barbed wire around the camp. Camp buildings and barracks. The clothes of the prisoners, scattered on the ground. Executing Platz. Machine for whipping people. The corpses of people shot dead, killed in barracks, burned at the stake. The government commission to investigate the atrocities of the fascists in the Klooga death camp, after its liberation by the Red Army: chairman of the commission, Secretary of the Communist Party of the Estonian SSR Nikolai Georgievich Karotamm, Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church Isidor (in the world - Ivan Yakovlevich Bogoyavlensky) at the fire where people were burned. One of the former prisoners, Abram Aranzon, explains how people were killed at the stake. A barrel of gasoline. Exhaust pipe. Former prisoner, 20-year-old Erna Grengold, Estonian peasant Mikhail Petrovich Eige near a fire with human bodies. Portrait of Hitler as a symbol of fascism. A group of freed prisoners, including: Naftali Kasser, brothers Samson and Veniamin Lakhanitsky, Balbershinsky with his son Theodor, Lazar Aliysky, Motel Naumovich Ass, Abram Moiseevich Vannik, Dora Bezprozvannaya.
S. Yakushev
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, killed
, prisoners of war
, concentration camps
, death camp
, peacefulpopulation
, persecution of the jewish population
Number of Parts
O. Ivanov, E. Teacher
Other Creators
music producer A. Raitsin, sound engineer B. Kartavenko, speaker R. Vygodsky, text A. Mikhailovsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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