Kuban Partisans

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Kuban, February 1943. Participation of the partisan detachment "Krasnogvardeets" in the Soviet offensive on the stanitsa "Stavropolskaya": the soldiers of the detachment A.S. Kolombet and V.P.Redko riding on the armor of the tank "Stuart" MZA 1; tankers look from the turret of the tank. A.S. Colombet and V.P. Redko jump off the armor. The commander of the partisan detachment Vasily Sergeevich Baidikov looks through binoculars at the village, next to him is the commissar of the detachment, Alexander Alekseevich Ryakhin. Tank "Stuart" drives along the street of the village past destroyed houses. Fighters of the partisan detachment are on the stanitsa. A soldier of the detachment is carrying a wounded man on a sled. Two partisans, one of whom F.I. Goncharov, lead a wounded soldier along the street of the village. The Red Army men, among whom the partisans IK Fomenko, lead the traitors to their homeland along the street of the village. These are the former policemen - the kulaks Fillipchik and Kolesnik, as well as the headman of Vareldzhan. Boys throw snowballs at the traitors. Partisans of the "Krasnogvardeets" detachment IK Fomenko, FI Goncharov, AS Kolombet and others, led by commander VS Baidikov, approach the house of collective farmer KP Sevonozov, who meets the partisan on the porch; next to him is the wife of commander N.I. Trenin. The girl takes out a mug of water to V.S. Baidikova from the house, V.S. Baidikov drinks water. A group of partisans on the banks of the Kuban. Member of the Supreme Soviet of the Transcaucasian Front, 1st secretary of the Krasnodar Territorial Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, head of the partisan movement in the Krasnodar Territory P.I. Seleznev talks with partisans; among the partisans present - V.S.Baidikov, A.A. Ryakhin, A.S. Kolombet and others.
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the great patriotic war
72,4 (общ. 317,6)
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G.P. Aslanov
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