Kuzbass Forecast for Tomorrow

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The film tells about the Lenin Novokuznetsk Metallurgical Plant, about coal mining in the Kuznetsk coal basin, about the life of towns and villages in the Kemerovo Region. First part. Panorama of the snow-covered forest in the mountains. Village at the foot of the mountain. Classes in the computer class. One of the shops of a steel plant. A planned explosion at a coal deposit. Lenin Novokuznetsk Metallurgical Plant (KMZ). Tank on a pedestal in front of the administrative building. The tram passes in front of the checkpoint. Panorama of the buildings of the plant. Workers in protective helmets go to work. The administrative building of the Raspadskaya mine. Coal adit. A BELAZ truck loaded with coal drives along a snow-covered road. Column of cars on the road. The excavator works in a coal mine. Coal moves along a conveyor belt in the mine. The second part of. Smoke over the Lenin Novokuznetsk Metallurgical Plant. A tram is going by. "Ferris wheel", in the background - a smoking pipe. Waste from the plant flows into the river. General view of the Belovskaya SDPP. Men lift the net with fish out of the water. Fish in special tanks. Snow-covered fir trees in the forest. Village at the foot of the mountain. The calf is lying in the snow. Fox cubs in the hole. Students in the computer class. The draftsman works at the drawing board. Secondary school students in the village of Mundybash at a music lesson. Colorful panels created by artists invited from Palekh adorn school interiors. New Year tree, schoolchildren lead a round dance in the hall. One of the shops of a metallurgical plant. The face of the worker in the reflections of the fire. Steel is pouring. A panorama of residential buildings, smoking chimneys next to the houses. One of the newer areas of the city in winter. The building of a department store, a tram is passing by. Pedestrians on the street, a bus is passing by. A mobile laboratory for monitoring the purity of the atmosphere, employees are taking measurements near the plant. A train with coal moves along the railroad. Coal is watered with an emulsion, which forms a protective film from the wind. Views of one of the villages of Kuzbass in winter. Men collect hang glider on the mountain. An athlete on a hang glider flies in the sky.
V. Kuznetsov
Film ID
protection of nature and the environment
, urban transport
, energy
, railroad transport
, metallurgy
, automobile transport
, school education
, villages
, animal world
, landscapes
, cartage
, ecological disasters
, hang gliding
, professional education
, cities
, fish farming
Number of Parts
V. Voronov
Other Creators
Script writers V. Belyakov, A. Shavkuta
Release Date
Has Sound

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