Labor Glory Day of Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant

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BOX 1. Moscow region, Krasnogorsk. Labor glory holiday of the Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant in the city park. A poster with the inscription: “July 2. Holiday of Labor Glory of KMZ. 1942-1983 "Participants of the festival in the Green Theater. Presentation of certificates, ribbons "Honored Veteran of Labor", "Drummer of Socialist Competition", "Winner of Socialist Competition", valuable gifts. On the stage, congratulations are received by the head of the planning and dispatch department Antonina Dmitrievna Koroleva, the deputy director of the KMZ for supply and everyday life Konstantin Georgievich Kalinin, the head of the labor standards bureau Alexandra Alekseevna Stepanova and others. Photographer Mikhail Ivanovich Golosovsky photographs at the Green Theater. Pioneers perform on stage. The orchestra plays in the orchestra pit. Honors board of honored labor veterans, winners of socialist competitions on the territory of the plant The brass band plays on the site in the park. BOX 2. Presenting to veterans of labor, young workers of the plant, winners of socialist competition ribbons "Honored Veteran of Labor", "Winner of Socialist Competition", valuable gifts, certificates on stage. Presidium on stage; Among those present is Anatoly Glebovich Shiribordin, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Krasnogorsk City Council of People's Deputies. Pioneers perform on stage. The girl is dancing. The audience is applauding.
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optical industry
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, socialist competition
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