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Civil War in Laos. 1956 year. Meeting of the conference on the transformation of the Lao Party and Pathet Lao into Neo Lao Han Sat, speech by the party leader Prince Souphanouvong and other party members; elections to the Central Committee of the party. 1954-1960 - Fighters of the "people's army" Pathet Lao, during combat training, on a campaign, receive military awards, communicate with the population, while resting, a military parade in honor of the 13th anniversary of the Pathet Lao party; Prince Souphanouwong at the council of war, at the military parade in honor of the liberation of the Rebels of the Valley of Jugs. Trophies taken from the rebels. Household surveys of peasants: the work of potters, woodcarvers, weavers, types of inhabitants. Landscapes of Laos, types of cities. The residence of the king in the city of Luang Probang. The work of medical institutions. 1962: Return of refugees, religious service in honor of government troops. Trophies captured by government troops from the rebels in the Valley of Jugs; a protest rally against the rebels of the population and troops in the Valley of Kuvshinov. 1961: arrival in Geneva of the princes of Souphanouwong and Souvanna Fouma and representatives of 14 states for a conference on the settlement of the Laotian question, negotiations, the signing of a communiqué by Boon Um, Suwanna Fuma and Souphanouvong. 1956 - rally of solidarity between the peoples of Asia and the people of Laos against the interference of the SEATO countries in the internal affairs of Laos. 1962 Funeral of the Queen of Laos in Pakse. Types of years. Geneva and Zurich. Views of Vientiane, street life of the city, sights of the city, transport. 1961 - The arrival of the princes Souvanna Phuma and Souphanouwong for negotiations with Prince Boom Um, which did not take place. 1962 Meeting of the International Commission for the Monitoring and Control of the Armistice in Laos. Filming from the side of the "rebels": the parade of the troops of Prince Boom Uma, barracks, military camps; Prince Boom Um in the garden, among the military. Classes in one of the schools in Vientiane.
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, urban transport
, communist parties
, school education
, switzerland
, international connections
, health care
, population
, political connections
, higher state bodies
, handicraft industry
, international organizations
, armed forces
, borbazamir
, buddhism
, military unions
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I. Gutman, E. Yatsun, Vietnamese operators
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