Last Hope

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The film tells about the fight against drunkenness in Russia. The seller gives out bottles of wine to the buyers. Chronicle footage: the peasants are listening to the speaker. An agitator with posters on an anti-alcohol theme distributes leaflets to the audience; talks to men. Chronicle footage: the speaker speaks at a rally dedicated to the fight against drunkenness; peasants work in the field; miners are pulling a wheelbarrow with coal; workers in the shop of a metallurgical plant. Chronicle footage: Emperor Nicholas II greets soldiers in Tsarskoe Selo. People's Deputy of the USSR N. Trubilin speaks at a meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on the fight against drunkenness (synchronously). The doctor talks with a patient being treated for alcoholism; conducts procedures with patients with alcoholism. Men are drinking wine in the yard. Representatives of the Soviet leadership Yu. V. Andropov, KU Chernenko, MS Gorbachev on the podium of the Lenin Mausoleum (footage of the chronicle of different years). JV Stalin watches the demonstration of workers from the rostrum of the Mausoleum. A policeman takes off his shirt from a drunk man in a detox room. Researchers talk about different methods of treating alcoholism (synchronously). Chronicle footage: children stand with placards with the inscription: "We are against the drunkenness of fathers. Father, stop drinking!" The doctor puts a dropper on the patient: sick children in the ward. Bank workers go with wads of money. Workers take out boxes of vodka.
E. Swede
Film ID
social and political movement
, medical services for the population
, industry
, leisure
, state power
, out-of-school education
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, public home life
, state trade
, finance
, protection of the state building
, medical non-traditional
, agriculture
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V. Maev
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