Lauras Secret

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The film tells about the Leningrad designers Gennady Khainov and Dmitry Parfyonov, who created an original passenger car. The Laura car, assembled by designers Gennady Khainov and Dmitry Parfyonov, drives out of the garage. Self-made cars participating in the rally on the Moscow-Plovdiv-Sofia route pass along one of the streets [of Moscow]. The driver who drives one of the cars participating in the rally tells about himself: he is an architect, lives in Kutaisi, he assembled his car at home (sinhr.). Another participant in the rally drives a car, tells about himself, that this is his 5th Pangolin car, demonstrates the technical capabilities of his car. Cars participating in the rally drive along the highway. Professional car designers Gennady Khanov and Dmitry Parfyonov participating in the rally ride in a home-made Laura car, which they assembled in the garage. Officially, they work in the laboratory for advanced prototyping of cars: Gennady Khainov - deputy. head laboratory, and Dmitry Parfyonov - the head of the laboratory. The designers talk (sync. And per frame.) About their car, about its technical capabilities, about the fact that it has an on-board computer that selects the optimal driving mode. Gennady Khainov and Dmitry Parfyonov assembling a car in a workshop. The designers give interviews (sync. And for the frame.): They talk about how they collect cars with their own money. Cars participating in the rally drive through a crowded square. The people follow the moving Laura car. Men take pictures of homemade cars. Interior view of the pavilion at the World Exhibition of Young Inventors in Plovdiv. Car "Laura" at the exhibition. The girl model presents the car "Laura" at the exhibition. Visitors to the exhibition take pictures of the car, make notes in notebooks. Home-made car designer Alexander Kulygin gives interviews (per frame.): Talks about the designers G. Khainov and D. Parfyonov, about their creative audacity. G. Khainov and D. Parfyonov are photographed with representatives of the Japanese company, who are interested in their car. G. Khaimov passes through the premises of the laboratory for advanced prototyping of cars. G. Khainov and D. Parfyonov are working on a new car model. Panorama of cars in the parking lot of one of the garage areas; among cars and various automobile rubbish - the car "Laura". The car "Laura" drives along the street of the evening city.
A. Teacher
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international connections
, invention
, automobile transport
, automotive industry
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A. Yakubovsky
Other Creators
screenwriter G. Pozdnyakova, sound engineer V. Goranko, composer V. Reznikov, editor A. Nikiforov
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