Law of Life

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The film tells about people of different social groups. The film uses filming: Part I, City of Moscow. People are resting on one of the boulevards. The building of the Moscow Automobile Plant named after I.A. Likhachev. Factory workers go to work, work on the assembly line of cars, give interviews (sync.). The building of the USSR Ministry of Health. The pensioner, who was the last Soviet unemployed person in the 1930s, talks about his life (sinhr.). Labor Exchange building. Employee of the city bureau and population information B. Sergeev gives interviews (sinhr.). Architect-restorer V. Ryabov at work, talking about his work (sinhr.). Newborn children sleep in cribs, a man meets his wife with a child in one of the maternity hospitals. Pediatric surgeon, Professor I.A. Daletskiy holds a meeting, examines children (sinhr.) In a children's surgical clinic. Part II Riga. The streets of the town. Meeting of the artistic council in the House of Culture of one of the factories: among those present are workers, engineers, employees of the plant, People's Artist of the Soviet Union, chairman of the artistic council Viya Artman. Workers in the workshop for the manufacture of clay products. A man making jewelry in his workshop. The violin ensemble performs in nature (sinhr.). Harvesting wheat in the field of the Leninsky Put collective farm.
A. Ratsimor
Film ID
urban transport
, relaxation
, architecture
, automotive industry
, scientific literature
, culture
, club type institutions
, health care
, hospitals
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, collectivization of agriculture
, artistic photography
, employment
, administrative buildings
, labor
, situation of various populations
, cities
, medicine
, sculpture
Number of Parts
J. Maevsky, E. Uetsky
Other Creators
Sound engineer M. Hofstein
Release Date
Has Sound

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