Leader Tashkent

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The film tells about the heroic warship of the times of the Great Patriotic War, the destroyer leader "Tashkent". Cadets of the Tashkent Maritime School DOSAAF of the Uzbek SSR leave the school building in a group; among them is a veteran of the Navy, Hero of the Soviet Union, participant of the Great Patriotic War. The cadets listen to the story of the veteran, study on simulators: they master the skills of shooting from ship's guns. General view of the ship "Kursant" at sea. One of the sailors, suspended in a cradle to the side, paints the name of the ship "Tashkent". A sailor, a member of the crew of the leader "Tashkent", rings the ship's bell. Ship at sea. Sailors in the captain's cabin, each at his post. View of winter Leningrad. War veterans who fought on the leader "Tashkent" Pyotr Ivanovich Semyonov and Grigory Fedorovich Gutnik walk along the embankment of the Neva. View of the building of the Central Naval Order of the Red Star Museum on Vasilievsky Island. A trolleybus is going by. Veterans enter the museum building, inspect the exposition dedicated to the defense of Odessa and Sevastopol, bow while standing at the stand with photographs. General view of the layout of the leader "Tashkent" - a destroyer in the exposition, as well as the ship's flag and ship's bell. Visitors to the hall of the Central Naval Museum. War veterans P.I. Semyonov and G.F. Gutnik are sitting on the couch in the hall, talking. One of them - the captain of the 1st rank gives interviews (sync. And for the frame.), Shares his memories of the commander of the leader "Tashkent" Vasily Nikolayevich Yaroshenko, about the defense of Sevastopol. General view of the city of Sevastopol, the boat sails on the sea. Bay of Novorossiysk. The boat is sailing on the sea. General view of the lighthouse. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, former members of the crew of the destroyer leader "Tashkent" are sailing on a boat to the place where the "Tashkent" sank as a result of enemy bombardment. World War II veteran - a former Red Navy sailor who fought on the leader "Tashkent" Pavel Grigorievich Filenko shares his memories of the events of July 2, 1942, when enemy aircraft attacked the leader "Tashkent" and one of the German pilots managed to hit the target - "Tashkent" sank. A memorial plaque with the inscription “HERE IS JULY 2, 1942 AFTER HEROIC TRAVELS TO SEVASTOPOL-NOVOROSSIYSK, AT AN ENEMY AIRCRAFT IN AN UNEQUAL BATTLE LEADER“ TASHKENT ”KILLED. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War - former Red Navy men, members of the crew of the leader of the "Tashkent": Pavel Grigorievich Filenko, Efim Yegorovich Krasnikov, Boris Stepanovich Bednichenko pass through the cemetery among the graves. A gravestone with the names of the dead sailors from the leader "Tashkent", are at the gravestone. War veterans on the seashore, next to them are swans in the backwater. Newsreel footage of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1942: The ship's guns are beaten, an incendiary bomb on the deck of the ship, the Red Navy man grabs the bomb and throws it overboard. View of a building destroyed by an enemy bomb in Odessa. Anti-aircraft gunners at the gun, watching the sky. A soldier in the trench at the phone. Red Navy sailors of the leader "Tashkent" on deck during the dispatch of the best of them in the Marine Corps near Odessa. The selected Red Navy men sail on a boat, waving their peakless caps to their comrades who remained on the ship. The ship is sailing with the Red Navy on board. The Marines attack. One of the Red Navy men with a rifle, wrapped in machine-gun tape, smokes a pipe during the battle. Black Sea sailors at the Maxim machine gun. The Red Navy men are fighting: throwing grenades, one of the Red Navy men with a light machine gun. The Nazis have a heavy gun, firing at Sevastopol. General view of the destruction in the city (removed from the plane). Panorama of one of the destroyed buildings. A warship is burning from being hit by an enemy bomb, the Red Navy men are fleeing to escape. One of the Red Navy men helps a wounded comrade, extinguishes his burning clothes. Soldiers of reinforcements of the defense of Sevastopol disembark from the railway cars, march. Panorama of the building "Panorama of the Defense of Sevastopol". The building of the Sevastopol Panorama, damaged as a result of the shelling of the city by enemy artillery. Newsreel footage of the Great Patriotic War of 1942: Arrival in Novorossiysk of the destroyer leader "Tashkent". The crew of the ship and the military and civilians evacuated from Sevastopol on the deck of the ship. The Red Navy men are resting on the deck of the ship: one of the Red Navy men is playing the button accordion, the others are listening to their comrade. A group of Red Navy men washing their uniforms laid out on the table. German planes in the sky. Photos dedicated to the evacuation of military and civilians from Sevastopol in 1942.
T. Kaipov
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, urban transport
, museums
, destruction
, navy
, cities
, marine
, consumer services
Number of Parts
Sh. Maksudov
Other Creators
screenwriter I. Solovov, sound engineer B. Gafurov, editor L. Samartseva
Release Date
Has Sound

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