Lenin and Time

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1h -Scenery. Street of Ulyanovsk. Photo of the Lenin family. Passers-by on the streets of Leningrad. Chronicle: delegates to the III Congress of Soviets. Soldiers enter Smolny. German soldiers in the trenches. Queue for bread. Turbine hall of the hydroelectric power station. Nuclear power plant hall. Lenin on the test of the electric plow. 2h - Lenin Hills in Moscow, landscapes. Kremlin. Queue to the Mausoleum. Chronicle: shooting from guns. Delegates to the 5th All-Russian Congress of Soviets, a meeting of workers, V. I. Lenin in the Kremlin. This is Bonch-Bruevich speaking. 3h - Combine under construction. Zheleznogorsk. Chronicle: launch of the Kashirskaya hydroelectric power station Vietnamese in Gorki. Festival in Cuba, delegates are passing. Chronicle: the ship of the invaders, there are Japanese sailors. American soldiers in Vietnam. Fascists execute Soviet people. 4h - Chronicle: people on the Palace Square of Petrograd, Lenin speaks. Writer VB Shklovsky is speaking. Chronicle: Lenin on the presidium of the II Congress of the Comintern. Lenin and Krupskaya pass by. Space rocket at launch. S. Korolev. Chronicle: communist subbotnik on the railway. Workshop of an automobile plant. Terenty Maltsev is speaking. 5h - Chronicle: the peasants of the collective farm "Lenin's Way" go to work in the field. The village where FD Panfilov lived, a monument to Panfilov. Combiners in the field. Residents of Voroshilovgrad. Tour guide at the monument to Lenin. Parisians welcome Brezhnev. Chronicle: Lenin speaks at the opening of the monument to Marx and Engels. 6h -Chronicle: American workers at the plant, the signing of trade relations between the USSR and the United States. A. Hammer speaking. Visitors to the Soviet exhibition in Los Angeles. Leonid Brezhnev's speech at the XXV Congress of the CPSU.
L. Kristi, A. Ivankin
Film ID
world war i
, the great patriotic war
, fuel industry
, collective farms
, architecture
, building
, literature
, museums
, space
, foreign countries
, landscapes
, monuments
, agriculture
, state figures
, cities
, kpss
, international state relations
Number of Parts
M. Averbukh, Yu. Orlov, N. Shmakov
Other Creators
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