Leningrad Newsreel Number 26

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Meeting in the Leningrad port of the passengers of the Polish steamer "Batory", making a voyage in the Baltic countries under the motto: "Peace and friendship between peoples". Rally in the port on the occasion of the meeting of the participants of the "voyage of peace". Speakers: Secretary of the Soviet Peace Committee Kotov; Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad Council NI Smirnov, Secretary of the Swedish Peace Committee B. Gunnes, representative of the Finnish delegation K. Porkkala. Meeting on the platform of the Moscow railway station in Leningrad, a delegation of cultural and art workers of the Republic of India. The rally on the platform. Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad Council NI Smirnov is speaking. Workshops of the Leningrad plant "Electrosila". Young workers I. Sokovsky, V. Popov, L. Golubitskaya work under the guidance of their mentors: E. S. Krasilnikova, foreman D. M. Belov. I. Sokovsky and V. Popov, who entered the evening department of the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrumentation, in the corridor of the Institute. Schoolchildren go to school on September 1st. Director of the 344 Leningrad secondary school L.P. Nefedova congratulates the students on the beginning of the school year. Lesson in 1st grade. Ball of students of Leningrad higher educational institutions in the Tauride Palace. Leningrad Circus. Presentation of the artists of the Czechoslovak circus. Speakers: clown B. Lak, trapeze artist M. Richterova.
T. Prokofieva
Film ID
school education
, cultural connections
, higher education
, sea transport
, mechanical engineering
, czechoslovakia
, railway transport
, borbazamir
Number of Parts
S. Maslennikov, G. Trofimov, S. Fomin, S. Bartashevich, V. Stradin
Other Creators
Sound B. Kartavenko
Release Date
Has Sound

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