Leningrad Newsreel Number 35-36

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General view of Leningrad. Fontanka. Bas-relief of the cruiser "Aurora". Winter Palace. Smolny. Colonnade. Lenin monument. Spill. Wire fences on the shore. Sentry at Lenin's hut. The soldiers and commanders of the N-subdivision take a solemn oath to defend the conquests of October in connection with the celebration of the anniversary of October. The delegation, headed by the chairman of the Leningrad City Executive Committee P. S. Popkov, arrived at the unit of Commander Donskov. The delegates are holding the banner of the Petrograd workers, which was awarded to the city in 1919. Speaker PS Popkov, the commander of the Klyukanov unit. Soldiers and commanders march past the banner. Final preparations for sending the guns to the front: checking the locks, attaching the tag. Repair of crashed aircraft in the N workshops: the engine is changed, the propeller is strengthened, the mechanisms are checked. Airplane at the airport. Pupils of the orphanage number 17 are preparing gifts for the soldiers - they embroider handkerchiefs. The kid gives a handkerchief with the signature "Kill the German" to the captain Grinevich who came to visit them. Major General Cherepanov greets the soldier Pavlov, with whom they fought for Krasny Petrograd 25 years ago. Sniper V. Titov and his students Klimashin and Bulychev go to a firing position, kill a German with a shot.
L. Kikaz
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, museums
, preschool education
, state holidays
, cities
, defense industry
, monuments of history and architecture
Number of Parts
V. Sinitsyn, E. Shapiro, E. Uchitel, A. Bratukha, L. Medvedev, B. Sorokin
Other Creators
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Has Sound

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