Leningrad Newsreel Number 45-46

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The funeral of Major General Boris O. Galstyan. Honor guard at the head. Parents at the coffin. Commander of the Leningrad Front, Lieutenant-General of Artillery L.A. Govorov and Lieutenant-General Nikolayev are carrying a coffin with a body. Oath at the coffin in the cemetery. Manufacturing of electric and radio tubes at one of the factories. Workers are threading a hair into light bulbs, wrapping light bulbs in paper. Workers of the Rot-Front factory sewing warm clothes for the front: mittens, hats, vests, fur coats. Public services for the workers of the Uritsky tobacco factory: sewing clothes, shoe repair, hairdresser. Red corner in one of the houses. Residents cook, drink tea, play dominoes, the piano. Deputy of the Kuibyshev District Council MM Pozina talks with visitors to the Red Corner, subscribes to the Leningradsky Osoaviakhimovets tank convoy. Presentation of the rolling Red Banner to the river workers of the North-Western River Shipping Company, delivering cargo to Leningrad. The gunboat makes a path through the ice for a caravan of ships with cargo. The postman girl handing out the latest news to the soldiers in the trench. Reconnaissance by force of enemy fortifications: a gun shoots, fighters go on the attack. Capture of a German soldier.
M. Kligman
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, garment industry
, funeral
, river transport
, domestic service
Number of Parts
Maksimovich, L. Medvedev, V. Stradin, S. Maslennikov, V. Sinitsyn, I. Dolgov. A. Pogorely, A. Ksenofontov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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