Leonid Brezhnevs Return Visit to Yugoslavia

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Yugoslavia. City of Belgrade. Leonid Brezhnev's meeting at the airport. There is I. Broz Tito and others. Travel Brezhnev and Tito in cars through the streets of the city. Monument and graves of Soviet soldiers. Laying wreaths by members of the Soviet delegation. Negotiations Leonid Brezhnev and I. Broz Tito. The signing of a joint Soviet-Yugoslav communiqué in the building of the Federal Executive Council. L. I. Brezhnev, members of the Soviet delegation visit the years. Kragujevac (Serbia), Silit, Ljublianc, Kranj, Velenje, Horni Milanovac, industrial enterprises, the island of Brioni. Among the members of the Soviet delegation: Yu. V. Andropov, AI Adzhubei, NP Firyubin and others. Serbia. The city of Kragujevac. Production processes on the conveyor of the automobile plant "Red Banner". The city of Silith. Sea port. Silit shipyard. Movement of the motor ship "Galeb" along the Adriatic Sea to the island of Brijuni. Members of the Soviet delegation on board the ship. Negotiations Leonid Brezhnev and JB Tito on the island of Brioni in the residence of Tito. Slovenia. Landscapes. The city of Ljubljana. Celebrations dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the pioneer organization. Lake Bled. City of Kranj. Leonid Brezhnev is speaking. The town of Velen. Brezhnev speaks at a meeting of miners. Horni Milanovac (Serbia). Mass grave. Burial of the ashes of Soviet soldiers. Leonid Brezhnev and I.B. Tito are speaking (sinhr.). Chronicle. 1945 Soviet tank movement. Katyushas are shooting. Soviet and Yugoslav soldiers. Soviet troops enter the liberated city of Belgrade. The inhabitants of the city are greeting the troops.
V. Belyaev
Film ID
extractive industry
, the second world war
, nature
, funeral
, higher state bodies and institutions
, railway transport
, sea transport
, settlements
, childrens organizations
, political connections
, shipbuilding industry
, landscapes
, cities
, automotive industry
Number of Parts
G. Zemtsov, Yu. Leonhardt
Other Creators
sound engineer K. Nikitin
Release Date
Has Sound

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