Liberated Czechoslovakia

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Landscapes of Czechoslovakia. Peasants in national costumes. Harvesting, grape picking. Potter making dishes. Peasants making embroidery and lace. Metallurgical plants in the town of Kladno, Moravian Ostrava. Shoe factories in Zlín. city of Brno. Streets. Fortress. Monuments. City of Prague. Hradcany. Streets. Charles Bridge over the Vltava River. Cathedral. Palace of the President. City Hall. National Theater. Monuments. Book Shop. City garden. Schoolchildren in the class. Students at a lecture. Stadium. Congress of fascists in Karlovy Vary. Fascist detachments are passing through the city. Protest rally. Mobilization. Treaty between the USSR and Czechoslovakia. JV Stalin, Beneš, VM Molotov, Maisky, A. Hitler, Deladier, Ribbentrop. Signing a contract. German invasion of Czechoslovakia. The Second World War. Combat operations of Czechoslovak soldiers against the Germans. Colonel L. Svoboda at the observation post. A group of Soviet and Slovak officers. Parts of the Red Army in the foothills of the Carpathians. The offensive of the Red Army units on the territory of Slovakia. Liberation of Czechoslovakia from the German invaders. Soviet tanks on the streets of Prague. The population welcomes Soviet soldiers. Colonel-General PS Rybalko meets members of the Czechoslovak government: Z. Fierlinger, Z. Nejedlu. The graves of patriots, Soviet soldiers who died during the war. Arrival to Prague of Marshal I. S. Konev. Celebrating the day of the liberation of Czechoslovakia. The girls are dancing, the people are rejoicing.
I. Kopalin
Film ID
the second world war
, industry
, everyday life
, political connections
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, czechoslovakia
, cities
, trade
, public education
Number of Parts
V. Dobronitsky, A. Krichevsky, K. Kutub-Zade, G. Mogilevsky, S. Sheinin, A. Shafran, V. Smorodin, A. Elbert, O. Reizman, N. Prozorovsky, M. Poichenko, P. Kasatkin, Yu Monglovsky, D. Caspian, M. Glider, B. Pumpyansky, M. Barbutly, V. Tseslyuk, L. Zaitsev
Other Creators
early groups A. Lebedev, M. Oshurkov, S. Ivanov, A. Litvin, music producer A. Roytman, D. Shtilman, sound engineer V. Nesterov, S. Egorov, speaker L. Khmara, artist B. Belyaev, consultant V. Vlchek, Y. Taufer, Ermashev
Release Date
Has Sound

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