Liberated France

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Re-issue of 1944 film. The film is based on French, Soviet, American, English and trophy film documents. Pre-war Paris: Versailles Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Seine River Embankment. Workshops of a metallurgical plant, Renault automobile plant, seamstresses and tailors' workshops. Market "Womb of Paris". Port of Marseille. Athletes ride water skis. Countryside of France. The peasants are harvesting grain and grapes; production of grape wine. Celebration of winemakers, election of "Queen of Wine". Festive carnival on July 14; fireworks are lit in the park of Versailles. Germany; production of military equipment at military factories. SS units with burning torches pass; books are burned at the stake. On the podium A. Hitler. The invasion of the Italian fascist troops into Abyssinia. Massive bombing of the city of Madrid by aircraft of fascist Germany and Italy. Germany, the city of Munich. E. Deladier, N. Chamberlain, B. Mussolini, A. Hitler sign the Munich Agreement (29.09.1938). The invasion of German fascist troops into the territory of Czechoslovakia, Poland. E. Deladier signs an order for mobilization into the French army. Seeing the mobilized soldiers to the front. French military units in position in front of the Maginot Line. The attack of Nazi Germany on France (May 10, 1940). French tank units, artillery, aviation are conducting defensive battles. The bombing of French cities by aircraft of fascist Germany. The occupation of Paris by German troops. French General Hünzinger signs the terms of the surrender of France. Battle of Stalingrad (1942 - 1943). Combat operations of artillery, tank units, cavalry; volleys of "Katyusha". Destroyed German military equipment, killed Germans covered in snow. Members of the Vichy collaborationist government AF Petain, P. Laval (July 1940 - August 1944). French prisoners of war are passing by. Executions of French patriots, civilians. The fighting of the French partisans. The head of the French military mission in Moscow, General Petit, presents the order to the French pilots of the Normandy squadron fighting in the USSR (1942). The landing of the allied forces in North Africa (November 1942). French military units on African soil. Port of Toulon. French warships, blown up by French sailors, are submerged in the water. The French battleship Richelieu enters New York harbor. Parade of French sailors in New York. Torpedo boats approach the island of Corsica. The sailors are greeted by the Corsican Maki partisans. General de Gaulle sings the Marseillaise with the partisans. The landing of the allied forces on the coast of Normandy, June 6, 1944, passing American, British tanks with soldiers. Allied offensive against the city of Paris, occupied by German troops. The battle for the liberation of the city of Paris (1944). There is a German with a white flag. The armored units of General F. Lekrerk enter the city of Paris. Captured German snipers, French traitors are being led. The streets and squares of liberated Paris are filled with people. The French flag flies on the Arc de Triomphe.
S. Yutkevich, G. Zargaryan, K. Polonsky
Film ID
, allies
, political connections
, navy
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, utilities
, armed forces
, 2nd world war
, military unions
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There is no data
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Sound V. Nesterov
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Has Sound

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