Life in a Storm

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The film is dedicated to the Russian revolutionary, statesman and politician Valerian Vladimirovich Kuibyshev. Part 1 G. Kuibyshev (present-day Samara). A wooden house with a stone basement floor on the former [Voznesenskaya] street (now Stepan Razin), where in 1916 the Volga Bolshevik conference was to be held. The conference did not take place, the police arrested all possible participants, including V.V. Kuibyshev. Police case on V.V. Kuibyshev with the NDP: “FOR 1917 AS DESCRIPTION №2 OF THE SAMARA GOVERNMENT JANDARMS DEPARTMENT. WITH CORRESPONDENCE ON SEARCHING DIFFERENT PERSONS. A solitary cell in the former Samara provincial prison, where V.V. Kuibyshev. A geographic map with the names of the cities where he was arrested, imprisoned or exiled. The building of the Philharmonic Society with the NDP on the plate: "IN THIS BUILDING ON NOVEMBER 8, 1917, THE SOVIET POWER IN SAMARA was proclaimed and THE FIRST REVOLUTION WAS ELECTED IN THE HEAD WITH VALERIAN VLADIMIROVICH KUIBYSHEV." Civil war in Russia. Leaflet with a decree of the Council of People's Commissars with the NDP: "SOCIALIST FATHERLAND IN DANGER!" dated February 21, 1918. Articles in newspapers from 1918 with the NDP: "THE HAND OF HUNGER", "NABЂG COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY ON ORENBURG", "IN STAN-COUNTER-REV ... REBEL IN TSARITSYN", "DUTOVSCHINA". Scheme with the NDP: "MOSCOW IN THE FIRE RING OF ENEMIES BY AUGUST 19 [18]". The Red Banner flutters, on which the words of V.V. Kuibysheva: “GREAT WORK, WE MAKE YOUR WILL. WE WASH YOUR ENEMIES OUT OF THE WAY. FOR A NEW AND HAPPY SHARE WE CARRY THE RED STAND FOR THE WHOLE EARTH. " Correspondence of V.V. Kuibyshev with V.I. Lenin by telegraph during the battles for Samara and Simbirsk. A newspaper published by the Revolutionary Military Council of the 4th Army of the Eastern Front, Revolutionary Army, which publishes Kuibyshev's articles. The film uses drawings by artists, including V. Savinov, illustrating the pre-revolutionary, revolutionary and military activities of V.V. Kuibyshev. Photos by V.V. Kuibyshev, V.I. Lenin, M.V. Frunze of different years. Monument to V.V. Kuibyshev in Tashkent. B / W newsreels: - [1920s]: Red cavalry rushing, a killed soldier lies. The Red Army men are walking across the bridge across the river, the infantry runs to the attack, a cart with the Red Banner is flying, an armored car is shooting. Fragments of feature films: - 1927, film October, Leningrad: a shot from the cruiser "Aurora". Armed soldiers and sailors run into the arch of the General Staff Building. - without year and location: prisoners in shackles are walking, a guard on horseback leads the column. The film quotes an excerpt from a poem by V.V. Kuibyshev's "Sea of Life" ([1911]). Part 2 Some of the last books by V.I. Lenin: “ULYANOV. ARTICLES. PAGES FROM THE DIARY. HOW DO WE REORGANIZE RABKRIN. BETTER LESS IS BETTER. REPORT TO THE XI-MU CONGRESS OF R.K.P. "," V.I. LENIN. ABOUT COOPERATION ". Newspapers "Pravda" with NDP: "TWELFTH CONGRESS ...", "STATE APPARATUS AND TASKS OF RCI AND CCC (RESOLUTION ON DZERZHINSKY'S REPORT)", "PLENUM OF THE CENTRAL CONTROL COMMISSION", "THE PLENUM OF THE CENTRAL CONTROL COMMISSION", "THE PLENUM OF THE CENTRAL CONTROL COMMISSION." V. KUIBYSHEVA "," TOV. KUIBYSHEV IN THE STANITSA ". Brochure “V. KUIBYSHEV INDUSTRIAL CONTROL SYSTEM. 1927 G. ". Articles by V.V. Kuibyshev "DEFENSE OF THE COUNTRY AND TASKS OF INDUSTRY", "PLAN AND CREATIVITY OF THE MASS". Schedule for the week, written by V.V. Kuibyshev. The modern city of Kuibyshev. City streets with vehicles. New buildings on the banks of the Volga, a monument to V.V. Kuibyshev, the building of the Kuibyshev Opera and Ballet Theater on the square of the same name. Kuibyshev refinery. Workshops of industrial enterprises. The motor ship "October Revolution" and the hydrofoil boat "Chaika" are sailing along the Volga River. Newsreel footage: - early. 1920s: [Volga region]: immigrants sit by the tents; woman and children eat [bread]; a train is going by, people are sitting on the roofs of the cars. Moscow: signs of private establishments on the streets of Moscow: TEA "," SHLYAP MAGAZIN "," C. MAURICE "," BEER "," BARIKMACHER "," MOSCOW CONSUMER COMMUNE ". There are trams, cabs with passengers. - 1920s, the city of Volkhov: the dam of the Volkhov hydroelectric power station in the scaffolding. - 1924, the city of Tula: People's Commissar of the Workers 'and Peasants' Inspection of the USSR V.V. Kuibyshev at the October demonstration of Tula gunsmiths. Soldiers in budenovkas carry the red banner. - 1926, Georgia: People's Commissar of the Workers 'and Peasants' Inspection (RKI) of the USSR V.V. Kuibyshev at the construction of the Shamshovi resort, among those accompanying the founder of the resort, Doctor of Medical Sciences Shamshe Konstantinovich Lezhava. - 1928, Moscow: speech of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the National Economy V.V. Kuibyshev at a meeting of the technical intelligentsia of Moscow in the Column Hall of the House of Unions. - 1929: Moscow: - The First All-Union Congress of Shock Brigades is being held in the Column Hall of the House of Unions. The chairman of the Supreme Council of the National Economy of the USSR V.V. Kuibyshev - V.V. Kuibyshev and People's Commissar of the Workers 'and Peasants' Inspection S. Ordzhonikidze applauded in the podium [on the day of celebrating the 50th anniversary of I.V. Stalin]. [Leningrad]: - [Krasny Putilovets plant]. A worker drives a Fordson-Putilovets tractor with a sign “5000 SOVIET TRACTORS ARE A VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION TO THE INDUSTRIALIZATION OF THE COUNTRY”. Chairman of the Supreme Council of the National Economy of the USSR V.V. Kuibyshev with schoolchildren and young workers examines the tractor. - the end of the [1920s]., Ukraine, Zaporozhye: the dam of the Dnieper hydroelectric power station is under construction, an excavator is working. - the beginning of the 1930s: Moscow: leaving the [Kremlin] office: People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs of the USSR K.E. Voroshilov, Soviet military leader [I.I. Vatsetis], member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), USSR V.V. Kuibyshev, USSR: V.V. Kuibyshev examines the [new Soviet] cinema equipment - [1930-1932], USSR: a Soviet-assembled FORD MODEL A car leaves the workshop. - 1934: Moscow: - The 17th Congress of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) is taking place in the Kremlin Palace. With a report on the second five-year plan, the chairman of the State Planning Committee of the USSR V.V. Kuibyshev, delegates applauded. - Kremlin. The meeting of the government commission on the rescue of the Chelyuskintsev is conducted by its head - V.V. Kuibyshev. The members of the commission are sitting at the table: deputy. Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR, Deputy. People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs of the USSR S.S. Kamenev, head of the Main Directorate of the Air Fleet under the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR I.S. Unshlikht, People's Commissar of Water Transport of the USSR N.M. Yanson, director of the Agrophysical Institute, academician A.F. Ioffe. - Meeting of the Chelyuskinites. V.V. Kuibyshev, head of the polar expedition on "Chelyuskin", head of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route O.Yu. Schmidt, deputy head of the expedition A.N. Bobrov, pilot of Glavsevmorput S.A. Levanevsky, commander of a mixed squadron of planes for the rescue of the Chelyuskintsy N.P. Kamanin and many others. others. Decorated cars with polar explorers drive along Red Square. A member of the polar expedition, cameraman A.M. Saffron is filming. Speech by V.V. Kuibyshev from the rostrum. Chukchi Sea. The icebreaker Chelyuskin is trapped in the ice. Polar expedition radio operator E.T. Krenkel transmits a message to the mainland from the Chelyuskin ice camp. The rescue plane lands on an ice floe. The Chelyuskinites are waving their hands. A member of the polar expedition, pilot [M.S. Babushkin] on the plane. [Black Sea] fleet: V.V. Kuibyshev visits the training destroyer "Frunze", communicates with officers and sailors. - [1935], Moscow: V.V. Kuibyshev in the Kremlin with signs “ZAM. CHAIRMAN OF SNK USSR AND STO "," V. KUIBYSHEV ". In the office there is a desk with a table lamp, an armchair, a map of the USSR hangs on the wall. On the table, on sheets of paper, there is a pen and a paperweight, a personal folder for papers embossed “V.V. Kuibyshev ".
V. Kastelyan
Film ID
urban transport
, the first five years
, labor productivity
, goelro
, government of the ussr
, organization and management of the national economy
, peoples commissariats
, navigable rivers
, hydropower
, congresses of the kpss
, gosplan
, central government bodies
, ministries
, river fleet
, bodies of state and national control
, industrialization
, new economic policy
, central committee of the kpss
, state committees of the ussr
, commissions
, types of vehicles
, scientific and technical conferences
, cities
, inspections
Number of Parts
N. Kiselev
Other Creators
scriptwriter V. Kagarlitsky, sound engineer A. Minakov, announcer A. Khmara, editor P. Shastin
Release Date
Has Sound

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